Thursday, October 29, 2009

Two new roots and culture albums Kiddus-I and ChinnaSmith launch Naya Records

Two brand new roots & culture releases featuring Kiddus-I, Chinna Smith, Horsemouth and more launch NAYA RECORDS...

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Naya Records, an upstart indie label founded in Boston, MA and run by visionary label president and accomplished drummer/engineer/producer Nathan Sabanayagam, is proud to announce the release of two very special albums. The first, entitled "Grass Yard Productions Volume One," is the first installment of a series of compilations to be released over the next few years by Naya Records featuring the Grassyard Productions All-Stars (aka GYP All-Stars). Kiddus-I's "Green Fa Life", a combined roots and soul music effort from an icon of the rockers reggae period is also available.

gyp All of the songs on Grass Yard Productions Volume One were recorded on the front porch of legendary guitarist Earl "Chinna" Smith, known for his role as lead guitarist for his role in Bob Marley's band as well as Peter Tosh and Innter Circle, to name a very short few. The album is dedicated to the late great Jamaican Trumpeter Johnny "Dizzy" Moore, who is also featured on one of the songs. Other veteran artists who contributed to the compilation include Ken Boothe, Winston "BoPee" Bowen, as well as historic musical figures Kiddus I and Leroy "Horsemouth" Wallace, who both starred in the cult classic film Rockers.

The most significant aspect of this release is the collaboration of several generations of musicians from around the globe, all gathering to play in the relaxed and intimate environment known as the Grassyard (at Earl "Chinna" Smith's Jamaican residence). The end result is an album that is chalk full of instant classics. These songs capture the true essence that is musical creation in Jamaica and some of the highlights include "Fire," sung by Don I, "Shot Poor Johnny," sung by Ken Bob, and the Ken Boothe track, " Richard Cory."

gyp The second Naya Records release is the new album from legendary singer Kiddus I, "Green Fa Life." Also recorded at Chinna's Yard, the album features guest musicians, "Horsemouth" and "Chinna," as well as label president Nathan Sabanayagam on drums, and was co-mixed by Will Holland, known for his work with the Pixies and Dead Can Dance, at Chillhouse Studios in Boston, MA. The album features thirteen new tracks, all of which breathe fresh air into a tried and true classic rock-steady sound, anchored by the unforgettable baritone that is the voice of Kiddus I. Some of the track highlights inlcude the title track "Green Fa Life," and thepolitically fueled "War."

Currently an extensive tour is being planned by Kiddus I and the GYP All-Stars in support of the new releases.

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