Tuesday, October 20, 2009

CampCaribe Opens Its Doors to Girls Across the U.S.

Brown kids continue to be in the minority at camps with water-based activities and The Kemet Foundation's new project - CampCaribe - aims to change that. In April of 2010, eight (8) tween girls from diverse backgrounds will be swept away from their day-to-day routines and exposed to an environment rich with culture, water activities and camaraderie on a 10 day learning adventure like no other to the United States Virgin Islands. And while this fantastic opportunity has been in the works for many moons, it is only now that CampCaribe can open its doors to girls the entire U.S. and not just California residents.

"Because CampCaribe has partnered with The Kemet Foundation (TKF), a Bay Area non-profit that fosters African and African-American history, heritage and culture, CampCaribe (through TKF) is not only in a position to raise funds via tax deductible donations and our new "200x20" campaign, but we can also open up this fabulous opportunity to girls across the U.S.," says Tracey Friley, the brainchild behind CampCaribe and the program's Camp Director. "Having a fiscal sponsor – an organization that is committed to empowering diverse girls -- is a Godsend."

CampCaribe will offer water activities such as snorkeling, sailing excursions, ocean kayaking, a day trip to Coral World, and beach volleyball, as well as Haitian and African dance and a plethora of other activities for this once-in-a-lifetime tropical camp excursion. Adventurer's will learn not only learn to respect and value the environment, from Camp Counselors Alley and Coco, but they will learn about local culture as well. "OBG Adventure Camps will be a diverse camp experience, I promise that," says Friley, a member of the American Camp Association. "CampCaribe has been 10 years in the making and is a dream come true...another way to give back." Read about the idea behind CampCaribe on the Oprah's Angel Network website (Search for CampCaribe).

ABOUT CampCaribe:
CampCaribe is a learning adventure program that takes tween girls away from their day-to-day routine and exposes them to an environment rich with culture, water activities and camaraderie in the United States Virgin Islands. Registration is now open for the Spring 2010 adventure session and is limited to 8 girls ages 12 and 13. $1995 includes all accommodations, air and ground transportation, meals & activities with a convenient payment plan available. Tax deductible donations are being accepted at www.CampCaribe.com. There are 8 spaces available.

ABOUT The Kemet Foundation:
The Kemet Foundation is a 501(c)(3) tax-exempt non-profit organization whose mission is to foster African and African-American history, heritage and culture.

ABOUT CampCaribe's "200x20" Campaign:
If 200 people each donated $20, then each person would have a stake in the growth of two (2) girls that might not otherwise have an opportunity to experience CampCaribe. 200 people x $20 = 2 changed lives. Tax deductible donations of any amount can be made via CampCaribe.com.

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