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Roccett ft Rick Ross & Bun B - Grindin All Night

Wednesday, December 29, 2010


Eminem Feat. Nas - Topless

EMINEM - SYLLABLES (Ft. Jay-Z, Dr Dre, Cashis, 50 Cent, & Stat Qou)

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Slick Rick Performing at Dana Dane's Birthday Party in NYC 9/7/2010

Slick Rick performs at Dana Dane's birthday party at M1-5 in New York City, September 7th, 2010The Industry Cosign Video Mix Party

Sunday, August 29, 2010


Don Pro Records is proud to present Rapper/Entrepreneur A.B. DA DON "Dear Summer - Return of The Don" Mixtape release hosted by Multi-Platinum Producer Dame Grease and the Untouchables.

Since The Release of Dear Summer a lot of Fast money has slowed up for a lot of people. Brooklyn Boss A.B. Da Don has been home for only a few months and has the Internet in a frenzy with the release of his mix tape. The streets are hyped with the -release and in only a couple of hours 10,000 copies have been sold just in his hometown of Brooklyn! The Track list itself portrays The Gangster's Paradise and Oath to his streets.. To support the release of the mix tape A.B. Da Don is working closely with newcomer videographer Chevon Mcyintre to shoot his first video "Where The Cash At", shot primarily in the streets of Brooklyn and Harlem. A.B. Da Don is married to the streets, so therefore his lyrics are gritty & rough, its a concrete jungle so just sit and watch as this Brooklyn Artist takes over and snatches the Crown, it's only a matter of time!

The Mix tape "Dear Summer- Return of the Don" is supported by a national media campaign with the support of the bloggers and online radio shows. The mixtape is full of hits and A.B. Da Don plans to shoot 2 more videos for the hot tracks "Filthy Rich" featuring Max B and "Cop House" featuring Stone Gang. Filthy Rich will have unreleased footage of Max B and A.B. Da Don. (Max B is currently serving a 75 year sentence) Cop House will be shot in the South and will be exclusively viewed on his The trailer for "Where The Cash At" is available to be viewed on You Tube and the Official Full Version of the Video will be Released Tuesday August 31, 2010 at 12 am. "Dear Summer - Return of The Don" is available now onwww.Datpiff.com Physical copies of the mix tape can be retrieved at a few local music stores in the Metropoltan Area of New York, New Jersey Philly and soon Boston.

The Hustle and Grind of a Brooklyn Artist is to be Respected as he plans to go back to the studios to record his first studio album and release a second mixtape . A.B. plans to get some heavy hitter productions on deck as he states it's just a matter of time when you will know the name.

Follow A.B. Da Don on twitter as he will be giving away a few prizes

Dear Summer - Return of The Don Tracklist:

01 - Intro
02 - Where The Cash At Faudi Rob
03 - Filthy Rich Fmax B
04 - Cop House F Stonegang
05 - Sting Ray F Stonegang
06 - Lets Talk About It F Stonegang
07 - Buying Out The Bar F Audi Rob
08 - Heat
09 - Expand
10 - Dear Blood
11 - My Time
12 - Skit
13 - Real Niggaz
14 - Gangsta Oath F M-Dot
15 - In The Street Nigga F Ugle
16 - Ny State Of Grind
17 - What U C Is What You Get
18 - Just Do It
19 - Big Dream F Uncle Murda
20 - Return Of The Don
21 - Dear Summer

Booker T. Washington Economic Development Summit In September


Conference provides connections with local, regional and national procurement deal-makers

Tuskegee, AL ( -- Tuskegee University Cooperative Extension Program will host the 15th Annual Booker T. Washington Economic Development Development Summit on September 15-17, 2010. Held at the TU Kellogg Conference Center the conference theme is: "Revitalizing Entrepreneurship and Procurement Opportunities in Small Towns and Rural Communities".

Key speakers include: George Curry, Renowned Speaker, Author and Moderator and Maggie Anderson, CEO, The Empowerment Experiment (

The conference is designed to promote economic development through private enterprise with emphasis upon procurement opportunities for business owners, contractors, community-based organizations, small business development programs and HBCU's involved with community development.

Procurement officers will be on hand to actively engage and verbally exchange with conference attendees in areas that revolve around the creation of business initiatives with their respective corporate entity. Corporate organizations that have confirmed to have procurement representatives include: Honda Manufacturing of Alabama, Johnson Controls, Gunter AFB Small Business Programs, Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport, Veterans Administration Tuskegee AL, Tuskegee Utilities Board, South Region Minority Supplier Development Council, Small Business Administration 8A Development.

"My family is honored that the Cooperative Extension Program has enabled us to share our journey living off Black business with the Tuskegee University family. The Booker T. Washington Economic Development Summit is a homecoming for The Empowerment Experiment. Our stand is a testament to his messages of pride, honor, faith, intelligence and accountability," said Maggie Anderson, CEO and Founder, The Empowerment Experiment

The conference will highlight success stories of businesses, business programs and legislative initiatives that have been necessary for successful economic development.

Workshops in the area of business technical training will be available along with sessions that instruct attendees on how to pursue and engage funding opportunities. The BTW Entrepreneurial and Leadership Awards Banquet and the public policy breakfast are also key highlights. The conference is designed to inform, inspire and empower each small business and individual who attends.

"We believe that the BTW Economic Summit at Tuskegee University is an excellent venue to equip, enlighten, empower, and energize MBEs to position themselves to provide greater savings and higher quality goods and services to major corporations, educational institutions and governmental agencies," said Gloria Vail, Interim President/Certification Director, South Region Minority Supplier Minority Supplier Council.

Networking sessions facilitated by Visions TV Host Cedric Varner are designed to be interactive and build winning relationships which lead to new contacts and new contracts. "This conference will be exciting because it will provide one-on-one dialogue with decision makers to help our businesses. It is important what you know and who you know but also who knows you," said Varner

Visions Television is a media partner with the conference and is a business and community affairs program airing on WSFA-TV NBC 12.2 whose station is based in Montgomery, AL.

Conference cost: $50
Phone: 334-725-8496
Lodging: Tuskegee University Kellogg Hotel and Conference Center
Hotel Phone: 334-727-3000

"The individual who can do something that the world wants done will, in the end, make his way regardless of race." -- Booker T. Washington

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KingPen Slim - The Win (prod. Mark Henry) + Beam Up 2 Tracklisting & Artwork



 KingPen Slim


Available Online AUGUST 31

Beam Up Entertainment


Check out the back cover for the tracklisting and production credits


 For "The Win" KingPen Slim teamed up with Mark
Henry, the producer of Phil Ade's hit "Hollywood," to create a
champion's theme song. This track is the final leak from KingPen Slim's
upcomng album The Beam Up 2: So Cinematic available August 31st via


NEW MUSIC: KingPen Slim - The Win (Prod. Mark Henry)




Hailing from a city of its own, D.C.,
full of history and enriched with the cultural presence of music and
dance, to name a few, brings forth Kingpen Slim.

Born with West Indian roots, Kingpen Slim grew up in the Northwest
Section of DC, where he became very active in various sports and
experienced his first taste of success as a performer i.e., theatrical
plays, acting roles, to say the least, at Howard University Children’s
Theater. Eventually becoming a member of the Go Go Band Young Buckz,
where he continued to built up his performance skills by the likes of
booking various gigs throughout the D.C area.  

During Slims adolescent years he straddled the fence of positive and
negative forces, the streets and the love for music. Eventually his
achievement of making it into college was stripped away; he was forced
to serve his sentence in a boot camp program which hindered him from
seeing the birth of his daughter.

Kingpen Slim was able to make this experience a positive journey, where
he honed his lyrical skills and was influenced by the many cultures that
surrounded him. “You’re not any less of a man if you walk away” was the
best advice given to Kingpen which became the stepping stone towards a
new route in life. Slim was faced with some hard times, but the lesson
learned held the utmost importance.  

All paths come with obstacles, so while on the path to victory God
decided to teach Slim one more lesson on life…that lesson came in the
form of bullets racing towards Slim’s body each with his name on it, 6
of’em to be exact. 3 reached it’s target but none were fatal, thus
another lesson learned for Kingpen Slim, and one of the reasons Slim
decided to drop his old moniker “KingpIn Slim” and adopt a new one
KingpEn Slim, Kingpin of Da Inkpen.  Instead of a name that associated
him with his past, he took on a name that was more fit for his future!  

Co-CEO and the flagship artist of Beam Up Entertainment, Kingpen Slim
has definitely shown his drive and motivation in reaching the top. And
with his strong cultural background from the prominent area of D.C.,
Uptown Baby, Kingpen Slim brings fourth something different to Hip Hop;
he is the sound of this new Hip Hop era. The sound of the New DMV (DC,
MD, and VA) he is the “2010 Class Leader” Kingpen Slim creatively links
his style with what was paved by legendary hip hop artists, such as Jay
Z, Nas, Tupac Shakur and local Legends such as, Los of Backyard Band and
B Luv of Simplicity.  

Linking the styles of his greatest inspirations, Kingpen Slim has been able to create a voice of his own.

“I want to be remembered as an artist who paved the way for all the
other rappers coming outta DC, something legendary. Someone the next
group of artists can measure themselves against, a bar for them to reach
for so to speak. I've got friends that are in prison, some who are on
the streets and going through personal issues or whatever… opportunity
at a better life,” states Kingpen Slim.

Kingpen Slim is truly on the right path to becoming a legendary artist
from the D.C area. With the noise his music is creating on the airwaves
as the sound of a new Hip Hop movement, he is destined to be the lyrical
voice of the DMV!





AUDIO: KingPen Slim - 21 Gun Salute feat. Edley Shine (of Born Jamericans) (Prod. DJ JButtah)

VIDEO TEASER: KingPen Slim - 21 Gun Salute feat. Edley Shine (of Born Jamericans)


VIDEO: Kingpen Slim "The Beam Up 2: So Cinematic" Album Trailer # 2


VIDEO: KingPen Slim "The Beam Up 2: So Cinematic" Album Trailer # 1


AUDIO: KingPen Slim - The Way You Move
feat. Wale, STS and Phil Ade (prod. Team Demo)


VIDEO: KingPen Slim - Gone (directed by


AUDIO: KingPen
Slim - My Life is a Movie featuring Jim Jones (Prod. DJ JButtah)


AUDIO: KingPen Slim - Gone


Celph Titled & Buckwild Transport You To Nineteen Ninety Now

Its finally here and a hip-hop renaissance is about to begin showing that the lessons from the past can be combined with the innovations of the present, as Celph Titled and Buckwild have joined forces to create a neo-classic with Nineteen Ninety Now; bringing the art form full-circle through this groundbreaking collaboration. By having uninhibited access to legendary producer Buckwild’s original mid-90’s production, Celph Titled was able to select and record to over 16 unreleased bangers; bringing his charismatic flow and lyrical prowess to each one.

Nineteen Ninety Now is more than a collaboration of great minds with impeccable taste; it’s also the long awaited debut album from Celph Titled, who already has gained a huge underground following as a core member of Jedi Mind Tricks' Army of the Pharaohs crew, his own trademark Demigodz releases and his involvement in Mike Shinoda’s Fort Minor project. While Celph is a producer in his own right, the chance to work with Buckwild and actually have the opportunity to capture the lost sound of the 90’s by utilizing vintage tracks from Buckwild’s vault that have never been heard before was a no-brainer---and here’s why. Multi-platinum producer Buckwild from the legendary Diggin’ In The Crates crew (D.I.T.C.) has produced countless classics over the last two decades for artists ranging from Artifacts, 50 Cent, Big L, Brand Nubian, CNN, Faith Evans, Fat Joe, Jadakiss, Diddy, The Game, Redman, Shyne, Swizz Beatz, Big Pun and Jay-Z. To boot, he’s also the producer behind indelible classics from Notorious B.I.G (“I Got A Story To Tell”), Black Rob (“Whoa”), O.C. (“Times Up”) and Organized Konfusion (“Stress”).

Revisiting the classic SP-1200 and Akai-S950 sound that reigned supreme in Hip-Hop’s “Golden Era,” the beats on Nineteen Ninety Now were originally produced by Buckwild between the years of 1994-1995--but never recorded to. Buckwild fondly recalls what it was like to dig back into those crates “although I've stayed ahead of the times as a producer, it was a lot of fun to load up these old disks. Joints I forgot I even had, stuff I haven't heard in 15-years. It was definitely a welcomed experiment that turned out amazing. Further, he comments on the concept he and Celph embarked on and its possibilities in the future “essentially this is a concept album that’s a first of its kind. I wanted to be able to resurrect a 90's sound that once was and combine it with 2010 rhymes. I consider this album to be monumental because it could literally not only change the game, but change the way people feel. Dudes complain about the game but they ain't doing anything. Nobody has done this concept before us. I wouldn't be surprised if this creates a demand for other MC's and producers who were around in the 90's to get together and dig through shoeboxes of floppy disks to feed the fans more of the lost sound they still crave for and I'm all for it.”

While Celph has enjoyed success with his Demigodz crew and all of his endeavors, it may surprise some that Nineteen Ninety Now is his true debut and the importance of this project was not lost on him, as he laments on how meticulous the recording process was for this project “We took three-years to construct this album. This is the project I've always wanted to do. To have my debut solo-album produced entirely by a legend like Buckwild can't be topped in my mind. My first album is always going to be looked at as a masterpiece to all my fans.”

Celph also comments on why harkening back into this very specific time period of Hip-Hop is moving forward and not backward “It's actually refreshing to hear authentic beats produced in the 90's finally unveiled. It reminds you of all the dope production methods and sounds that are no longer used today. Nineteen Ninety Now takes you right back to that feeling--even if it's just for one album.”

Celph Titled and Buckwild will release Nineteen Ninety Now on 10-26-2010 on No Sleep Recordings.

Tracklisting and credits for Celph Titled & Buckwild’s Nineteen Ninety Now LP:

1.) The Deal Maker

2.) Out To Lunch f/Treach of Naughty By Nature

3.) Eraserheads f/Vinnie Paz of Jedi Mind Tricks

4.) F*ckmaster Sex

5.) Swashbuckling f/Apathy, Ryu & Esoteric

6.) I Could Write A Rhyme

7.) Hardcore Data

8.) Mad Ammo f/F.T. & R.A. The Rugged Man

9.) Tingin'

10.) There Will Be Blood f/Sadat X, Grand Puba, A.G., O.C. & Diamond D

11.) Miss Those Days

12.) Step Correctly

13.) Wack Juice

14.) Styles Ain't Raw f/Apathy &
Chino XL

15.) Where I Are

16.) Time Travels On f/Majik Most & Dutchmassive

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Yung Joc on @Hot1079atl

Donell Jones talks new album + label, lasting power, no originality in music, Clone Artists & More!

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Maffew Ragazino 'Where I'm From' ft Masta Ace

Esperanza Spalding's "Chamber Music Society" debuts at #1

On August 17, the bassist/vocalist/composer/bandleader Esperanza Spalding released Chamber Music Society.

Esperanza was on NPR's All Things Considered last Friday. Hear it here.

Chamber Music Society was recently reviewed in the New York Times and USA Today.

Chamber Music Society debut as the #1 Jazz Album on iTunes and has remained at #1 for 7 days since release, #65 iTunes Top 200 (Peak #46).

The album also debut on Amazon as the #1 Jazz Album, #25 in Top 100 Music (Peak #23), #29 Pop.

Chamber Music Society debuted at #1 on Billboard's Heatseeker Chart, #2 on it's Contemporary Jazz chart, and #3 Current Jazz Albums Chart, just behind Brian Wilson's new Gershwin CD.

Chamber Music Society debuted at #1 on the CMJ Jazz chart

Look for Esperanza Spalding on SiriusXM's Bob Edwards Show and Al Jazeera's Riz Kkan Show.

Upcoming Chamber Music Society tour dates:

Sep 17th, 2010 - Grinnell, GA, Herrick Chapel
Sep 18th, 2010 - Des Moines, IA, Sheslow Auditorium
Sep 19th, 2010 - Stoughton, WI, Stoughton Opera House
Sep 21st & 22nd, 2010 - Minneapolis, MN. Dakota Jazz Club and Restaurant
Sep 23rd 2010 - Notre Dame, IN, Leighton Concert Hall - DeBartolo Center
Sep 24th 2010 - Charlotte, NC, Knight Theater
Sep 29th 2010 - Pittsburgh, PA, Byham Theater
Sep 30th 2010 - New York, NY, Jack H. Skirball Center for the Performing Arts
Oct 2nd 2010 - Boston, MA, Sanders Theatre
Oct 3rd 2010 - Washington, DC, Lincoln Theatre
Oct 7th 2010 - Santa Monica, CA, The Broad Stage
Oct 8th 2010 - San Luis Obispo, CA, Spanos Theatre
Oct 11th 2010 - Arcata, CA, Kate Buchanan Hall
Oct 24th 2010 - Luxembourg City, Luxembourg, Philharmonie de Luxembourg
Oct 27th 2010 - Amsterdam,Netherlands, Muziekgebouw
Oct 28th 2010 - Winterthur, Switzerland, Theaterhaus Gessnerallee Zurich
Oct 29th 2010 - Stockholm, Sweden, Stockholm Konserthuset
Nov 1st 2010 - Goteborg, Sweden, Goteborg Konserthus
Nov 2nd 2010 - Copenhagen, Denmark, Black Diamond
Nov 4th 2010 - Bergen, , Norway., Logen Theatre
Nov 5th 2010 - Oslo, Norway. Sentrum Scene
Nov 8th 2010 - Paris, France, Theatre De L'Atelier
Nov 10th 2010 - Geneve, Switzerland, Victoria Hall
Nov 13th 2010 - London, United Kingdom, Queen Elizabeth Hall
Nov 14th 2010 - Rome, Italy, Sala Petrassi
Nov 17th 2010 - Madrid, Spain, Auditorio de Mostoles
Nov 19th 2010 - Zaragoza, Spain, Auditorio de Zaragoza
Nov 20th 2010 - Cartagena, Spain, TBA
Nov 21st 2010 - Granada, Spain, Teatro Isabel La Catolica
Dec 9th 2010 - Iowa City, IA - Englert Theatre
Dec 10th 2010 - Chicago, IL - Symphony Center
Dec 11th 2010 - Buffalo, NY - Buffalo State Performing Arts Center

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Kaci Battaglia feat. Ludacris - Body Shots

Music World Gospel Joins American Heart Association for it's "Most Powerful Voices Gospel Tour"

The American Heart Association's Power to End Stroke campaign has launched a partnership with one of the world's leading entertainment and music conglomerates, Music World Gospel/Music World Entertainment, founded by Mathew Knowles, in an effort to help raise awareness of stroke in the African American community.

Music World Gospel and award-winning best-selling gospel trio Trin-i-tee 5:7, who in 2008 became the first gospel trio to have a certified platinum album, T57, and contemporary break-through artist Brian Courtney Wilson, whose debut album, Just Love has been at the No. 1 spot on the CMTA Inspirational Album Chart for more than 40 weeks, will lend their talent and support to the "Most Powerful Voices Gospel Tour," an evening of empowering music fused with healthy lifestyle messaging. The tour will travel to seven markets - Austin, Dallas/Ft. Worth, Houston, and San Antonio, TX; Little Rock, AR; and Oklahoma City and Tulsa, OK, beginning October 8 when it makes its first stop in Little Rock.

"This partnership with the American Heart Association marks a new platform for Music World Gospel to continue meaningful and lasting inspiration in our community. Our effort is to create awareness of stroke, a disease that is ripping through our communities and shortening the lives of our loved ones," said Mathew Knowles, C.E.O. and President of Music World Gospel/Music World Entertainment. "Health is paramount. If we can combine this important message with uplifting music, we hope that lives will be touched, transformed and ultimately healed."

This event is more than just a concert. It launches with an opportunity for local gospel acts in each of the seven markets to show off their talent and perform at a live audition featuring Trin-i-tee 5:7, who will perform, as well as serve as judges, for the evening. Top acts will then be selected to perform on the night of the concert featuring headliner Marvin Sapp. Brian Courtney Wilson opens for Sapp and will share songs from his forthcoming CD project, Just Love Deluxe Edition," which hits stores on October 5.

The "Most Powerful Voices Gospel Tour" combines the celebrity status of spokespeople who can share empowering stroke messaging through music while urging concert-goers to be aware of their risk for stroke and to know the warning signs and how to respond if a stroke occurs. They will also be urged to make a declaration to take control of their health toward living longer, stronger lives.

Stroke is the third-leading cause of death and a leading cause of long-term disability among African-Americans. This population has almost twice the risk of suffering first-ever strokes as compared to whites. African-Americans ages 35-54 have four times the relative risk of stroke.

For more information on the Most Powerful Voices audition and tour, visit

For more information on Brian Courtney Wilson, please visit,

"Rap is Outta Control" on Sirius XM ft. Eternia, Bishop Lamont & AG


Big Boi from Outkast playing at Alexander Memo...Image via Wikipedia

One half of Grammy Award winning Diamond selling hip-hop duo Outkast, Big Boi, sets dates for the Son Of Chico Dusty U.S nationwide tour in support of his critically acclaimed debut album Sir Lucious Left Foot: The Son of Chico Dusty. Starting August 26th Atlanta, Big Boi(Antwan Patton) will be performing hits from his debut solo album along with Outkast classics in select cities across the US (see dates below).

Recently headlining Pitchfork Festival act, Big Boi also performed with HP & Myspace Music stopping in Miami (Aug.18th )for the most viewed hip-hop show in Ustream history. Drawing in 1.5 million total streams during the live show and the rebroadcast running immediately following, the show ranks as the #3 most viewed music performance ever on Ustream, only behind Kiss (2 million in Nov. 2009) and Bon Jovi (1.5 million in March 2010). In total, the live stream and immediate rebroadcast garnered 2.6 million tune-ins in 30 hours.

Recently, Big headlined the Pitchfork Music Festival and will be making more festival appearances during the tour at Epicenter, MoogFest, and TCT9. His energetic live shows have been winning over crowds while his first official album separate from the diamond-selling duo Outkast has been earning excellent reviews from The New Yorker, Time, Pitchfork, RollingStone, and New York Magazine among others. Spin Magazine declares, “Funk is the game and Antwan ‘Big Boi’ Patton isn’t playing… Sir Lucious Left Foot is a monster of an album.” Also, Big collaborated with Converse to create a limited edition pair of sneakers paying tribute to his debut album.

Remaining Tour Dates:

08-26 Atlanta, GA - Verizon Wireless Amphitheater

09-28 Atlanta, GA - The Tabernacle

09-02 Iowa City, IA - University of Iowa

10-01 Bloomington, IN - Indiana University

09-04 Atlanta, GA - Heineken Red Star Soul

10-08 Columbia, SC - University of South Carolina

09-05 Atlantic City, NJ - Casbah

10-15 San Diego, CA - UC of San Diego

09-06 New York, NY - Brooklyn Bowl

10-23 Seattle, WA - Showbox Sodo

09-17 Chicago, IL - Congress Theater

10-28 Charleston, SC - Charleston Visitors Center

09-18 Providence, RI - Brown University

10-29 Asheville, NC - Asheville Civic Center (Moogfest)

09-22 Arcata, CA - Arcata Community Center

10-30 Houston, TX - Tom Bass Park Amphitheater

09-24 Las Vegas, NV - The Palms Casino

11-12 Chattanooga, TN - University of Tennessee at Chattanooga

09-25 Fontana, CA - Epicenter

11-18 Sydney, Australia - Fox Studios

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