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VladTV's 10 Dumbest Athletes Of The Past Decade Brought To You By Ashlee Ray


Sunday, December 27, 2009

Funk Legend George Clinton, Founder of Parliament Funkadelic, Signs With Exclusive Solutions Management

George Clinton, legendary singer/songwriter and innovator of funk music, best known as the founder of the group(s) Parliament/Funkadelic, has signed on with Exclusive Solutions Management.

His new management Exclusive Solutions Management LLC (ESM) of Houston, TX, according to Clinton, "has been the best management experience of his career." After years of mistreatment Clinton was skeptical to work with new management; however he was won over by their commitment to helping him regain the intellectual property he had lost and seek restoration for him monetarily. ESM is an artist management company operating at the highest levels of ethics and integrity.

Despite his success, George Clinton, the funk music legend, has received little monetary gain over the past three decades from his musical works. He is the creator of hits such as, "Flashlight" and "One Nation Under a Groove." Clinton's smash hit "Atomic Dog" is one of the most sampled songs in history, yet Clinton does not receive any compensation from it since he does not legally own the rights to the song. Clinton is determined to bring awareness to some of the issues he and other artists face with mismanagement in the music industry.

Clinton is also fighting back against his former business partners and managers, Armen Boladian (Bridgeport Music, Inc.) and Nene Montes (Tercer Mundo). George knew early on the value of what he was creating and attempted to take steps to protect it by negotiating ownership with the labels (this was rarely done at the time) and worked hard to secure ownership of his masters, which at the time he did.

In 1984 Clinton filed bankruptcy. Armen and Montes were entrusted to act on Clinton's behalf as administrators only. There were several documents that appear to have George's signature on them which turns most of his publishing and masters over to Boladian and Montes, which caused Clinton to lose all rights and financial gain to all of his songs. Clinton asserts that, being an artist whom worked so hard early on to take care of the business side of his creative works, he would not be so careless as to sign over complete rights to his music for a lifetime. This brings to the forefront the ethical relationship between artist and the third parties whom they entrust to take care of their business.

Clinton has been entangled in various legal disputes for more than 20 years. The disputes have been against his management, record label, and publishing company all in an effort to recoup the money that he has lost through bad business dealings.

Clinton's mission is to bring awareness to the injustice and unethical behavior that continues to take place in the music industry. Many of the legendary artists of the '60s, '70s and '80s were taken advantage of by managers, record labels and others and have not seen the financial compensation they deserved. Many are experiencing financial hardship while someone else is reaping the benefits of their life's work.

A sadder reality is Clinton's mother, Julious G. Keaton, who died last week; however, Clinton is struggling to finance her funeral. Clinton, like so many artists, has experienced financial troubles throughout his career due to bad record label contracts and mismanagement practices. It is frustrating when you are a musical legend who has sold millions of records and spawned universal hits, but cannot pay for your mother's funeral.

At 68 years old Clinton continues to tour annually to generate income. Clinton says he is not afforded the ability to live off the residual income of his life's work of which he wrote, produced, and created because individuals and record label executives took advantage of him. Clinton wants to make it clear that he has not monetarily benefited at all from the more than 300 infringement lawsuits filed on behalf of the works he created, nor was he the instigator in these suits. At a time when he should be able to live off his life's work, Clinton is struggling to provide for his family and give his mother a proper burial.

For more information on George Clinton, visit


Wednesday, December 23, 2009


GET MONEY, the Magazine of Choice for the Corporate Hustler™, has announced the national release of its highly anticipated publication. The magazine will be available at newsstands across the nation Tuesday, December 29, 2009.

GET MONEY is a new urban business magazine published quarterly. The editorial content is similar to more traditional business magazines such as Forbes and Fortune Magazines. Articles covering business structures, investing, real estate, business planning, money management, and financial motivation form the basis of the GET MONEY editorial content. However, GET MONEY is written from a young urban point of view, and features well-known urban models such as Yolie Betty Booty™ (known from Smooth Magazine) and newcomer Jessi Apple™.

Kolie Crutcher, GET MONEY CEO states, "The mission of GET MONEY Magazine is to forever change the way young urban adults think about getting money, investing money, and keeping money; thereby inspiring the consistent actions necessary to create generational wealth."

The newsstand cover price for GET MONEY is $5.99. GET MONEY can also be purchased online or in person from Black Star Music and Film in Harlem, NY. Yearly and 2-Year subscriptions are also available. The yearly subscription price is $11.95, and the 2-Year subscription price is $19.95. Both subscriptions can be purchased online at

Although GET MONEY is a magazine geared towards urban males, the publication also has a strong appeal to women. In particular, featured in the newsstand issue is an article titled "How To Hold Your Man Down, Without Holding Him Back!" written by Yolie Betty Booty. This witty article highlights 5 simple techniques women can use to help their man be at his best while he's out taking on the world. Early promotional copies of GET MONEY previewed "How To Hold Your Man Down", and the early feedback from readers was very positive, as it appears to be one of the issue's more anticipated articles. Articles "The 7 Laws of Money" and "Measuring Financial Success" are also early favorites.

GET MONEY Magazine will be hosting its Official Magazine Release Party in conjunction with Black Mens Magazine publisher John Blassingame's 16th Annual Fashion and Industry Networking Party on Saturday, January 16th, 2010, at the Marriot Newark, NJ International Airport location. Visit or for details.

GET MONEY Magazine was founded in 2008 in the Bronx, NY by Kolie Crutcher. Kolie is the CEO of GET MONEY, and the author and publisher of the urban motivational book ELECTRIC LIVING: The Powerful Life!, currently available at Barnes and Noble bookstores.

Thursday, December 17, 2009

Men Share How the Power of Forgiveness Changes Lives

A life stuck in neutral or reverse, anger, aches, pains, sickness, disease...these are some of the symptoms of unforgiveness.

When author Alethea Pascascio dared to accept the challenge of helping spread the message of forgiveness, she never imagined men being such an integral part of her audience.

"My first book, Bag Lady, is a novel with a forgiveness theme," said Pascascio. "I thought women would be the primary audience then to my surprise, I received a lot of great feedback from men. That is why I am so excited about my newest project, Forgiveness For The Man's Soul."

Forgiveness For The Man's Soul is a collection of real stories of forgiveness written by men. From childhood traumas to molestation to adultery- they have managed to share some incredible life changing experiences. And these men come from many walks of life--from the penthouse to the prison.

"I used to believe women were more forgiving than men," Pascascio continued, "but after this book I'm not sure about that. This project was cleansing for so many men because some, for the first time, exposed secrets that have haunted them for years. But what means the most is that they have chosen to forgive."

Forgiveness For The Man's Soul gives more than just a peek inside the male psyche, it will provoke thought and inspire change as you reflect on your own life. Although, 'Men' is in the title, this book is for anyone. It is a great stocking stuffer or gift for any occasion because forgiveness really is for everyone's mind, body, and soul.

Order for $11.95 at,, or Your Local Book Store

ISBN: 9780977837717 / SKU: 0977837718

About the Author
Alethea Pascascio is an author, speaker, and workshop presenter. Her topics are usually forgiveness, self-publishing, and setting/achieving goals. She resides in the Midwest where she spends time with friends and family.

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

2 new DVD's starring Robin Givens and Elise Neal by Tyler Perry like director coming 1/10, 2/10

Image Hosted by Image Hosted by
Phase 4 Films is pleased to announce the North American DVD release of the GOD SEND ME A MAN on January 19, 2010, and LET GOD BE THE JUDGE on February 2, 2010, a set of inspirational films from Director, Writer & Producer, Emmbre Perry.

GOD SEND ME A MAN follows Stacy, a promiscuous 20-something who is quick to judge those around her and has nothing but bad luck in love. She decides to re-evaluate her life and starts attending prayer service with the hopes of forming a bond with God.  Will her new choices finally lead her to love? The film features Robin Givens (Boomerang, The Family That Preys), Clifton Powell (Ray, First Sunday) and Nicci Gilbert (Meet The Browns).


In LET GOD BE THE JUDGE, Brian (Carl Anthony Payne II – “Martin,” “The Cosby Show”), is shot and must face the judgment of God in a courtroom.  God calls on people from his life to speak of his negative and positive qualities. As a result of the testimonials and his experience, Brian learns the power of God and rediscovers his spirituality.  Clifton Powell (Ray, First Sunday) takes on the role of the Judge/God and Elise Neal (“The Hughleys,” Hustle and Flow) plays Rachel, one of the witnesses brought forth to comment on Brian’s life.


In the footsteps of Tyler Perry, Emmbre Perry presents positive films based on the strong values of family and faith. "I'm excited about my first DVD release and I'm anticipating big things.  This will be a productive collaboration with an inspiring message to uplift,” said Perry.


“We are thrilled to be collaborating with Emmbre Perry on GOD SEND ME A MAN and LET GOD BE THE JUDGE,” said Berry Meyerowitz, President of Phase 4 Films. “The immense success of Tyler Perry’s films demonstrates the market’s vast appetite for films that inspire and motivate.”


The SRP for both titles is $29.99 in the U.S., and $32.99 in Canada, at all major retailers.




Street Date: January 19, 2010

Pre-Order Date: December 15, 2009

Genre: Urban Inspirational

Run Time: 86 minutes

Rating: PG-13

Sound: 5.1 Dolby Digital Surround Sound

SRP: $29.99 U.S / $32.99 Canada

Aspect Ratio: 16:9 Enhanced



Street Date: February 02, 2010

Pre-Order Date: December 29, 2009

Genre: Urban Inspirational

Run Time: 90 minutes

Rating: PG

SRP: $29.99 U.S / $32.99 Canada

Aspect Ratio: 16:9 Enhanced


Phase 4 Films distributes features films, television and special interest content across all media in the North American market. Its label, kaBOOM! Entertainment, is one of the leading pre-school and children’s brands in the market.

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

The Snoop Dogg Roundtable Interview

Snoop, in New York to promote his latest album, speaks to a group of 'journalists' about his project, his career, different topics posed by the group. This is the unedited, long interview filmed. Part laziness and partly because, well, I just wanted to post the whole damn thing! Shouts to Kayla (The Cashmere Agency), , Kisha Maldonado, Datwon Thomas (Global Grind), Adewole Oduye (BlackPlanet) and Gina Torres (AllHipHop).

Fashionista University Launches! Our new company that breeds future fashionistas- Saturday classes start Jan 16th

Starting this January, middle-school through college-aged students will have the opportunity to take a variety of “Saturday’s only”-seven week, hands on courses where they will learn the ins and outs of the fashion business including design, publicity, wardrobe styling/costume design, event planning, jewelry/accessory design and more. Run by fashion designers Kathlin Argiro and Courtney Zellmer and Publicity guru Gwen Wunderlich-Smith, Fashionista University gives students a Project Runway meets Gossip Girl real world approach, with celebrity, editor and guest designer appearances as well as access to fashion shows, showroom events, publishing houses, TV stations and more! Fashionista University provides tools teens need to turn their dreams into a reality and break in to the world of fashion with opportunities and experiences beyond anything they ever imagined.

Fashion Design 101
Over the 7-week course students will get a firsthand account of running a small business in the fashion industry from designers Kathlin Argiro and Courtney Zellmer. Students will learn how to create a collection from start to finish- from inspiration to presentation and everything in between using examples from Kathlin’s own collection, high-profile guest speakers, and actually take steps toward creating their own line. Students will learn about fabrics and how to use them, color stories, sketching basic fashion figures, story boards and presenting a collection to learn more about themselves as first time designers.

P.R. Prep 101
Fashionistas who are on top of the latest trends and are interested in being a part of the buzz, glitz and glamour are perfect for this crash course in the exciting field of public relations. Gwen Wunderlich of Wunderlich Inc. will help students begin their journey to becoming the next “it” publicist by sharing her expertise in the field, including her background of starting her own company from the ground up. Throughout the seven weeks, Gwen will introduce different aspects of the business that will help each student develop their PR skills and teach them the necessity of being connected. Students can expect field trips to the city’s hottest spots including a trip to the fashionista holy land – New York Fashion Week.
For the first Winter semester starting Saturday January 16th 2010, Fashionista University is offering these two separate classes above allowing students to focus on where their true passion lies, or participate in both courses giving them the ability to gain a better understanding of different aspects of each industry. The Spring Semester featuring additional courses starts March 20th 2010. Please Support the future of fashion by letting young fashionistas everywhere know about this amazing program so they can have a chance to dabble in the fast-paced, glamorous, exciting, down and dirty ins and outs of the industry and take their passion for fashion to the next level!
For more information and registration please visit .

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Kim Coles to Host Fifth Annual Los Angeles Organizing Awards, Jan. 30

Kim Coles will host the 2010 Los Angeles Organizing Awards, honoring the best and the brightest in the professional organizing industry, Saturday, January 30 at Raleigh Studios, Hollywood. CA. As the host, Kim will share her humorous personal experiences of working with a professional organizer.

"We're thrilled to welcome comedian Kim Coles as the celebrity host of the Fifth Annual Los Angeles Organizing Awards," said Chantale Bordonaro, President of NAPO-LA. "Kim has an extraordinary charm in developing rapport with her audience and we're especially thrilled she has personal experience working with a professional organizer. Her skillful comedy has the unique ability to break down barriers and return us to common interest. This year's Awards will be the biggest and best event we've ever produced, complete with a Hollywood-style red carpet. The public is invited to join in the fun, and learn firsthand about the most effective organizing strategies, products and services available."

Kim is best known for her zany characters and outrageous sense of humor. She got her start as the runner-up in the Big Beautiful Woman pageant in Atlantic City, New Jersey. She rode her beauty pageant success into a plus-size modeling career, and then began performing stand-up comedy and her show biz career really took off. Kim landed the spot as warm-up comedian for The Cosby Show. From there she appeared on several stand-up shows and also worked as an opening act for several popular musicians (Luther Vandross, Bobby Brown & The O'Jays). Her big break arrived when she was cast by the Wayans brothers in the sketch show, 'In Living Color'. Since then, she has appeared in several seasons of 'Living Single'. Kim has continued to work steadily, appearing in sit-coms, reality shows, and game shows. She is also a successful author and playwright.

The gala red carpet event, presented by the Los Angeles chapter of the National Association of Professional Organizers (NAPO-LA) and Presenting Sponsor Avery Dennison, celebrates professional organizers who set the standard for home and business productivity, and the products and services that help consumers and businesses organize themselves and their information, manage their time and control habits that can lead to clutter and chaos. Los Angeles Organizing Awards' recipients are chosen by a popular national vote, taking place October 15 through December 15 online at

The top five finalists in each category are invited to attend the ceremony with a total of twenty-three awards presented, including: five awards for organizing products and retailers, five awards for organizing services, five awards to organizing professionals and four awards to media outlets. The chapter will also honor several of its members with chapter awards. The "Volunteer of the Year Award" is presented to the chapter member with an exemplary record of service. The "Leading Edge Award" recognizes a NAPO-LA member whose actions and efforts elevate the quality or profile of professional organizers everywhere. In addition, this year's "Special Recognition Award" will be presented by Avery Dennison to an individual or company who has performed or contributed significantly to the success of a particular project or initiative that benefits the public and the organizing profession.

About the Organizing Awards
The Los Angeles Organizing Awards were introduced in 2006 by the Los Angeles chapter of the National Association of Professional Organizers (NAPO-LA) to honor professional organizers, organizing retailers, organizing products services & resources, charities, technology providers, authors and the media for their contributions to the organizing industry. The Awards conclude "National Get Organized Month." Tickets to this event can be purchased at

About Avery Dennison Presenting Sponsor
Avery Dennison Office Products ( markets products under the well-known Avery brand name and is one of the world's leading manufacturers of self-adhesive labels for laser and ink jet printers, labeling software, binders, sheet protectors, index and tab dividers and other office-, home- and school-related supplies. Avery Dennison Office Products, a business unit of Avery Dennison Corporation, is based in Brea, California. For more information about Avery-brand products, consumers can visit the Avery Dennison Worldwide Office Products Web site at or call the Avery Dennison Consumer Service Center at 1-800-GO-AVERY (1-800-462-8379).

About NAPO-Los Angeles:
The Los Angeles chapter of the National Association of Professional Organizers (NAPO-LA) is a group of 100 professional organizers and associate members dedicated to helping individuals and businesses bring order and efficiency to their lives. The Founding Chapter of the National Association of Professional Organizers, "The Organizing Authority®," our mission has been to develop, lead and promote professional organizers and the organizing industry since 1985. The chapter produces the Los Angeles Organizing Expo as well as the Los Angeles Organizing Awards and is the recipient of the 2008 NAPO National President's Award for innovative contributions to the organizing industry. For details visit or

Awards Finalists, (in no particular order):

Best Organizing Product Retailer
Discover Organizing Incorporated
Franklin Covey
Stacks and Stacks
The Container Store

Best Closet Design Firm
California Closets
Closet Factory
The Closet Works, Inc.
Get It Together LA!
LA Closet Design

Best Garage Design Firm
Garage Envy
Garage Tek
Get It Together LA!
Gladiator Garage Works

Best Office Organizing Product
Avery Labels - Avery Insert Tab Dividers
[InPlace] - Desktop File Sorter by Peter Walsh
Neat – NeatDesk
Pendaflex - SureHook Hanging File Folder
Time Timer, LLC

Best Home Orgaizing Product
Keepsake Keeper by Kangaroom Storage
Really Useful Boxes
ShelfGenie – Glideout
The Board Space Planning Systems
The Container Store – Elfa

Most Helpful Organizing Technology
iPEP Productive Environment Institute
The Neat Company – Neat Receipts
Scan Digital

The Green Award for Most Eco-Friendly Organizing Product
Avery Eco-Friendly White Address Labels
Method Pink Grapefruit All-Purpose Cleaner
Recycle Bags by Kangaroom Storage
The Glam Can
Unikeep Enviro Binder

The Green Award for Most Eco-Friendly Organizing Service
Ann Sullivan, Organizing People for Life
College Hunks Hauling Junk
Go Junk Free America!
Sara Getzkin, Hands On! Organizing Services
Tanya Whitford, Organizing Wonders

Best Time Management Expert
Christine Reiter, Time-Strategies Services
The David Allen Company
Harold Taylor Time Consultants Ltd.
Julie Morgenstern Enterprises
Krista Colvin, Organize the Whole Shebang

Philanthropy Award
Leslie Haber, An Organized Life
Arizona NAPO Chapter, Go Month Foster Family 2007
Dorothy Breininger, Delphi Center for Organization
Heather Lambie, Your Home Editor
Lisa Adams, LA Closet Design

Best Show Incorporating Organizing on National Television
Clean House (Style)
Hoarders (A&E)
neat (HGTV Canada/Discovery Home Channel)
Oprah's Clean Up Your Messy House/ Peter Walsh (ABC)
Small Space, Big Style (HGTV)

Best National Makeover Reality Television Program
Extreme Makeover – Home Edition (ABC)
Home Made Simple (TCL)
neat (HGTV Canada/Discovery Home Channel)
Real Simple. Real Life. (TLC)
Stager Invasion (TLC)

Best Organizing Book
Organizing A to Z by Lisa Lelas
Organizing For a Living by Jackie Tiani
Organizing Outside The Box by Hellen Buttigieg
Sorted! by Lissanne Oliver
The Clutter Diet by Lorie Marrero

Best Publication Featuring Organizational Information
Better Homes & Gardens
Martha Stewart Living
NSGCD-The Chronicle
Ready Made-Instructions For Everyday Life – BH&G
Real Simple Magazine

Best Organizing Website or Blog
Clutter Diet Blog - Lorie Marrero
Jeri Dansky Blog - Jeri Dansky - Paul & Valerie Holstein
Simplify 101 Blog/Website - Aby & Jay Garvey
Unclutterer Blog - Erin Doland

Most Valuable Educational Resource
A Red Bench
NAPO National Conference
Professional Organizer Training Institute

Best Organizer as Coach or Mentor**
Beth Randall, Joe Organizer
Denslow Brown, The Organizer & Coach
Kristine Oller, Feeding Your Focus
Margaret Miller, WABC Coach

NAPO-LA Chapter Members only may vote for the following:

Most Innovative Organizer
Beth Zeigler, BNeato
Calahan Solutions, Inc.
Dorothy Breininger, Delphi Center for Organization
Jodie Watson, Supreme Organization

Most Supportive or Organizer-Friendly Charity
Goodwill Industries International, Inc.
National Council of Jewish Women/Los Angeles
Out of the Closet

This event is produced by NAPO-LA with production support by the Dave Linden Group, Inc. and Avery Dennison as the Presenting Sponsor. Event video produced by Corp Shorts and hosted by KNBC/KCAL news reporter and anchor, Angie Crouch.

Star Has Some Advice For 50 Cent

Saturday, December 12, 2009

Low Minority Admissions Rate Sparks Pro Bono Effort

As college applications skyrocket this year, there's a worry that minority applicants in low-income areas, will face even tougher challenges than in the past. Fewer educational resources may be available to guide them through this year's overwhelming college maze. Many of them will not be able to afford admissions essay editing services, or top-notch college application counselors. So, Penn & Paper has decided to help these students--for free. is a top-notch admissions consulting firm that has begun assisting minority high schools in the country with their college counseling and admissions essay needs.
The company's director, China Okasi, is an Ivy League expert who gives talks around the country on minority achievement and higher education. She states, "'s pro bono efforts can help any minority high school student get into college, especially if he or she has worked hard, and just needs to seal the deal." Okasi herself holds three Ivy League degrees.
The company encourages guidance counselors, principals and teachers from public high schools who are interested in this offer, to send a letter on letterhead, referring a pool of students to the company, and officially accepting the free service. Their recommended students will then receive essay editing help and admissions planning services via a one-hour appointment slot with Penn & Paper.
Letters should be emailed to (Subject: PRO BONO). Students who have already written their personal statements/admissions essays, are strongly invited. For more information about the wide range of essay editing services, admissions tools and tips that offers, please visit their website at

About Penn & Paper
Penn & Paper ( is an admissions essay editing service that provides individualized counseling to applicants of all levels. Penn & Paper has helped several applicants seeking admission into competitive academic programs. The company's admissions consulting services strengthen an applicant's chances of getting admitted to college, business school, graduate school, law school, medical school and various fellowships/scholarships. For more information, please visit the company website at, or call (888) 653-0222.

Monday, November 30, 2009


Recording Artist & Multi-award winning Broadway Star Chester Gregory receives rave reviews in his portrayal of James "Thunder" Early in the revival of Dreamgirls, at the world famous Apollo Theatre.  The Hollywood Reporter says, "The true standout, however, is Chester Gregory, who delivers a dynamic performance as the James Brown-like James "Thunder" Early." adds "Chester Gregory nearly steals the show as Jimmy "Thunder" Early, Gregory takes command of the spotlight, and that's correct for those moments." "Effie and her male counterpart in the show, the James Brown-like singer James “Thunder” Early (played with sly, irresistible charm by Chester Gregory, says

On Monday, December 7, 2009, Chester Gregory takes over Harlem's newest hot spot, Gospel Uptown with a special performance that will give attendees a sneak-peak at his upcoming sophomore album and nationwide tour. The unforgettable evening will include surprise appearances and performances by some of Chester's friends including the amazing Melba Moore, Chester's "Dreamgirls" co-stars, Syesha Mercado and Chaz Lamar Shepard and the soulful sounds of Jason Liberatore. 

 The event will take place on Monday, December 7, 2009, at 8:00pm at Harlem's Gospel Uptown 2110 Seventh Avenue at 125th Street, New York, NY, - Advance tickets are available for $10.00  on, keysearch Chester Gregory.  Ticket pricing at the door is $15.00 General Admission and $10.00 (Students of any kind, Seniors, Vets and Equity Members). Limited VIP Meet & Greet Tickets are available for $75.00 in advance.

This evening will also celebrate Chester Gregory's partnership with The Doe Fund Charity Foundation as an on-going celebrity supporter in hopes of continuing to raise awareness for their "Ready, Willing and Able" campaign where proceeds from the evening will support the formerly homeless and formerly incarcerated "Men in blue” of New York’s beloved Ready, Willing & Able program.. " I am truly honored to be able to represent and be part of such an amazing cause that empowers self-sufficiency for those in need in our community," shares Chester.

Chester Gregory is anything but what you would expect a Broadway performer to be. When he’s not starring in some of the biggest musicals on the Broadway stage, “Chess” is a songwriter and critically acclaimed recording artist.  Regularly playing to sold out audiences, at the world's most prestigious venues around the world, his energetic live shows display his five-octave vocal range and an R&B style that is truly all his own. 

Chester is currently wowing audiences abroad at the world famous Apollo Theatre, in Harlem as “James ‘Thunder’ Early” in the 2009 Revival of “Dreamgirls”.  After taking time to write and record his latest album, he’s excited to be back on the stage, but Chester no stranger to the New York Theatre community. He made his Broadway debut as 'Seaweed' in the eight time Tony Award winning Broadway musical, "Hairspray" followed by starring roles in the Broadway productions  of ‘Disney’s “Tarzan”  as 'Terk' and “Cry Baby” as 'Dupree'.

Prior to this character, Chester played the title role in the three year sold out run of "The Jackie Wilson Story."  Chester's portrayal of the musical legend garnered him numerous accolades, including a standing ovation from the King of Pop himself, Michael Jackson. "To call a performer unique is generally to be clichéd and hyperbolic, not to mention wrong, but Mr. Gregory puts on a show of such physical and vocal dexterity that it's almost impossible to imagine that anyone else could do it" wrote Bruce Webber in the New York Times.  Chester's stage performances, as well as his song writing, stage presence, and recordings have received rave reviews from industry heavyweights ranging from Phil Collins to the late Isaac Hayes.

In addition to his stage work, Chess is carving his own niche in the R&B/Soul male vocalist category.  Influenced by Prince, Donny Hathaway and Jackie Wilson, Chess has worked with Grammy Award winning producers Dave Tozer (John Legend & Kanye West) and PJ Morton (India.Arie). He writes and performs meaningful, heartfelt songs with a positive message and an uncompromising, unsurpassed performance level.

Chester's debut album, entitled, “In Search of High Love,” earned critical praise by  Billboard Magazine as an album of integrity and soul, with innovative contributors Afta-1, Nevi-Nev and J Most.  His latest musical endeavor,  "Breakbeat Karaoke - The Mixtape" is a prelude to his highly anticipated sophomore album to be relased in the fall of 2009.   "Breakbeat Karaoke" is a collection of throwback "breakbeats" from classic hip hop tunes with remixes from songs  from "In Search of High Love", in addition to new compositions specifically created for this mixtape. It features guest appearances and cameos from Farrah Burns, Phase One and ‘Dot Da Genius’ who produced “Day N Night” by Kid Cudi among others. "I wanted to pay tribute to some of best in hip hop like J. Dilla, De La Soul, Common, Jay-Z and DJ Premier to name a few…” says Chester.  Created for his fans, the project is available as a free download at  

ABOUT The Doe Fund:

The Doe Fund's mission is to develop and implement cost-effective, holistic programs that meet the needs of a diverse population working to break the cycles of homelessness, addiction, and criminal recidivism. All of The Doe Fund's programs and innovative business ventures ultimately strive to help homeless and formerly incarcerated individuals achieve permanent self-sufficiency. For more information, please visit or call 212.690.6480.

Game Rebellion Busts Out of BK; Sounds Like a Riot! New Single "Blind" on iTunes

Once in a long while, a band comes along that is so brilliantly rebellious that it defies description. Brooklyn rockers Game Rebellion know that the mainstream may frown upon their decision to create outside the box, but in the end, the fans motivate the band to fight the power.

With their new single "Blind" hitting iTunes on December 1, 2009, and their original EP Sounds Like a Riot debuting on January 18, 2010, Game Rebellion is ready to blow minds and expand universes.

Band members Yohimbe (guitar, vocals), Ahmed (bass), Emi (keys, vocals), Aaron (percussion) and Netic (lead vocals) are masters of mashing up influences of rock, punk, hip hop, metal and other genres. Their ability to flow between powerful poetry, fiery rap, crazy instrumental solos and frenetic singing over the music engages the crowd, guaranteeing synergy with the audience at every live show.

"Every few decades there comes a group or sound that redefines genres or shifts the musical paradigm," Ahmed explains. "I humbly offer Game Rebellion as the next artist that will re-invigorate what seems to be a stasis in musical innovation in the industry. Honestly, if it wasn't for all of our supporters being so consistent, I couldn't make such a statement. Personally, it is the fans and their overwhelming response that have kept me motivated throughout the years."

The band's growing number of fans, known affectionately as "rebels," have become notorious for their dedication to Game Rebellion.

"It's almost as if their energy is the play/stop button," Yohimbe says. "When the crowd is going nuts, we play even harder. The audience has their own relationship with our songs. Their moshing, stage diving and surfing is as much part of the show as my guitar solo. The wildest thing is that after the show, the rebels congratulate each other as if they performed! Honestly, they are just as sweaty and worn out as us... but let us start the next song and we all wake the f*ck up!"

In 2007, Game Rebellion released their first official mixtape, Searching for Rick Rubin with Brooklyn's DJ J.Period. The project was received with open arms by otherwise cynical music critics, who lavished praise on the Game Rebellion movement. The December 1, 2009 release of their politically-driven single "Blind" shows the band's further growth in connecting with fans.

Game Rebellion drives home their fervently powerful messages with educated passion and cohesive artistry. Sounds Like a Riot is their first original project together, and will offer the world some new perspective when the EP hits shelves on January 18, 2010.

“Game Rebellion came together out of a need to create an environment where we can all be the best at our selected positions,” says Emi. “We all have similar values and musical tastes. The reason why this band works is because we all believe in each other. We hold each other down, and we are all accountable for making this movement work. In Game Rebellion, it is a band of brothers against all odds. We will do it together, or not at all.”

For more information on Game Rebellion, go to, and

For interviews and press information, contact


What can you say about an all-Black all-outta-Brooklyn band whose metal, punk and rudeboy skanking licks sound as credible and crunchy as their Hip Hop lyrics and headnodding bounce? Game Rebellion makes the difficult sound effortless and the miraculous seem second nature: A hard rockin band with a B-boy MC who can actually spit? No problem! An upcoming EP created by a band that actually rocks and flows? No problem!

With a strong fanbase behind the movement, Game Rebellion is firing up the next phase of their career with the new single “Blind” and accompanying video in December 2009, a series of shows across the country, and their EP Sounds Like a Riot on January 18, 2010.

Game Rebellion is a band of amazing musicians dedicated to defying the rules and creating their own way. The guitar solos of Yohimbe will leave you stunned at his free-flowing artistry and technical skill. The lyrical prowess and production of Netic provide an unobstructed view of the angst of young rebels everywhere.

The musicianship and vocals of Emi display the conviction and the passion of a misunderstood generation. The thick and layered sound of Ahmed on the bass will remind everyone that Game Rebellion is not here to play nice. The amazing versatility and hard hitting percussion of Aaron provide the perfect tempo for the Game Rebellion mantra:

We Play By Our Own Rules: Welcome to the Rebellion!

Game Rebellion has been making big waves on the New York scene since 2006. The men found common ground after a gig they played together at Irving Plaza, and the musicians-for-hire soon became a band on fire! Since then, they’ve ventured across the country and overseas to further to slam heads, rock houses and muddy the lilywhite waters of Hip Hop and Rock from NYC and Cali to Puerto Rico and the UK.

The range of their individual influences in music is so vast – like Prince,The Cure, Jimi Hendrix, The Isley Brothers, Bad Brains, Johnny Cash, Megadeth and Guns & Roses to name a few – that it’s near impossible to put a label on the Game Rebellion vibe. Sumptuous… urgent… cacophonous… anthemic – the sheer monstrosity of sound pumping through the speakers is enough to keep your mind open. “Its shock therapy,” Ahmed asserts. “It will change your standards of pop music.”

Game Rebellion’s stage show is driven by frenetic synergy between the multi-talented quintet and their fans. “The feeling we get from performing live is the energy transfer from us to the audience and back,” explains Emi. “Each show raises the level of the transfer, because we have people who know the music and who rally behind what we bring to the stage. The resulting effect is better than any high.”

Netic delves a little further into their amazing connection with fans: ”Game Rebellion is the Alpha Team you send in when you want to get hostages or kidnapped children back. We move in quietly with the mosh pit squad, then boom! We throw C4, Semtex, Flash and Frag Grenades! Big explosions while we walk in slow motion… and when the smoke clears we always save the villagers. We leave as quietly as we came. We don’t have fans, we have recruits!”

As they gear up for the release of their EP in January, the bandmates are all buzzing with excitement. “I’ve been very anxious about the release of this new record,” Ahmed professes. “This will be our first project with all original songs.”

“I pulled in my friend Circuit to assist on some of the synth and programming work,” Netic explains. “I love the production process of making records more than anything else, so I take it very serious. The people I work with on the Game Rebellion projects become very close friends due to the intensity and personal passion that goes into our music. ‘2012’ is by far my personal favorite on Sounds Like a Riot – it’s the song that speaks the most to the absurdity of our reality: There’s a whole in the sky / The city’s on fire / You ain’t fly ni**a / We’re all gonna die.”

The Game Rebellion movement is far more intense than what meets the eye, as passion, ingenuity, electricity and spirituality collide, merging genres and subculture-induced soundscapes for the next generation. Their commitment to the music is only superseded by their commitment to each other.

“Game Rebellion came together out of a need to create an environment where we can all be the best at our selected positions,” says Emi. “We all have similar values and musical tastes. The reason why this band works is because we all believe in each other. We hold each other down, and we are all accountable for making this movement work. In Game Rebellion, it is a band of brothers against all odds. We will do it together, or not at all.”

Saturday, November 28, 2009

Take The Blue Pill And Learn To Work In The Matrix!‏

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Meet Big Omeezy, the latest rap sensation to emerge from the house that E-40 built, Sick Wid It Records.

Fresh on the heels of his popular "street" single, "I'm Connected," featuring Paul Wall & Roscoe Umali, the self-proclaimed "Morpheus" unleashes his 40 Water assisted follow-up "Parked." On the Decadez helmed offering, Omeezy spits, "Let me in, let me up; See me coming in a big Benz truck. I'm on time, guess what? I'm a boss so I'm parking in the front," over a slickly layered sound-bed.

Both stellar tracks can be found on Big Omeezy's forthcoming OLH/Sick Wid Records' solo debut T.G.C. 2010 [The Great Communicator], due out in early '10.  






*Big Omeezy*

New Single "Parked"
Produced By Decadez

Big Omeezy Parked Ft. E-40 Radio Version

Big Omeezy Parked ft. E-40 Dirty Version

Big Omeezy Parked ft. E-40 Instrumental

New Album T.G.C.2010 coming Soon!

E-40 New Album Revenue Retrievin' Coming Soon!

Thursday, November 26, 2009

Delicious Vinyl Releases DJ iPhone App



First iPhone Game With A Live DJ Experience Features Touch Screen Scratching



(November 24, 2009 – Brooklyn, NY) Ever wanted to step into the DJ booth and get the party started right? Then "Bust a Move," do the "Wild Thing" and pour the "Funky Cold Medina," as Delicious Vinyl DJ puts you in control of the dance floor. Delicious Vinyl and Ten23 Software are proud to announce Delicious Vinyl DJ, a new music rhythm game exclusively available for the iPhone and iTouch this Fall (downloadable from the iTunes App Store).

Delicious Vinyl DJ puts anyone with an iPhone inside the DJ booth and behind the decks cutting and scratching across the greatest golden era hip-hop tracks ever! Don’t just play along with the song, bust a move out of the living room and work that cut! Get the party started anywhere! Match multi-colored notes as they flow down the screen; trigger scratches on two turntables with a thumb twist or tap a button on the mixer in time with the music to score points. Just like a real DJ, increased accuracy determines how fresh and tight the mix will sound and gets you more points! Delicious Vinyl DJ delivers the party to wherever you are – no peripherals or add-ons necessary!

Custom Scratches By DJ M. Walk: Walk is a renowned turntablist and legendary DJ from Los Angeles. At 16 he became a Mixmaster on KDAY, L.A.'s first strictly hip-hop radio station. He laid down scratches on Tone Loc's single "Wild Thing" and became a go-to musician at the original Delicious Vinyl recording studio. M. Walk then traveled the world as tour DJ for Tone Loc, MC Hammer, and The Pharcyde. Combining the golden era hip-hop experience with cutting edge turntable techniques, M. Walk has now created a new palette of scratches especially for Delicious Vinyl DJ.

• Scratch and trigger samples using two touch turntables and a mixer
• First iPhone DJ game with actual scratching movements
• Be a DJ - don't just drop the track, add to it and make it yours! For more than just tapping!
• Listen for the groove, if you don't spin or sample correctly, the scratches and samples won’t sound fresh!
• DVDJ features hit songs from Delicious Vinyl – three Platinum selling #1 singles, block rocking remixes, and classic hip-hop hits!
• Each track features 3 levels of difficulty per song
• Custom scratches made for each track by DJ M-WALK
• New songs and downloadable content coming soon!

Track List:
Young MC - "Bust A Move"
Tone Loc - "Funky Cold Medina"
Tone Loc - "Wild Thing (Peaches RMX)"
The Pharcyde - "Passin' Me By"
Masta Ace - "Born To Roll"
Mr. Vegas (feat. Pitbull & Lil'Jon - "Pull Up (Club Mix)"
Masta Ace - "Slaughtahouse (Eminem RMX)"

We have a limited number of free promo codes available for journalists interested in reviewing the game. Please contact Michelle for more information.

About Delicious Vinyl:

Founded in the summer of 1987 by DJs Matt Dike and Michael Ross, Delicious Vinyl is an independent music label based in Los Angeles. By championing street music that defined a generation, the Delicious Vinyl catalog is widely recognized for its groundbreaking crossover hits that ushered in the golden era of hip-hop. Multi-platinum singles "Wild Thing", "Funky Cold Medina" and "Bust A Move" crashed into the Billboard charts and launched Tone-Loc and Young MC to instant acclaim and household name recognition. Following down the road less traveled, Delicious Vinyl expanded throughout the 90s working with artists like The Brand New Heavies, The Pharcyde, Born Jamericans, Masta Ace, The Whoridas, Fatlip, and Mr. Vegas. In 2008, Delicious Vinyl celebrated it 20th Anniversary with the RMXXOLOGY project by re-imagining the catalog for a new millennium dance floor. With the launch of Delicious Vinyl DJ, the label is harnessing the power of its brand by expanding the catalog into gaming, technology and new media. Already an established wardrobe requirement for over two decades, the classic red and white Delicious Vinyl tee has been a must-have for high fashion celebrities, club kids and street skaters alike. Delicious Vinyl is proud to bring the same streetwise savvy and independent stance that has shaped a generation to iPhone users and is continuing to seek creative partnerships to rock the party worldwide.

About Ten23 Software:

Ten23 Software Inc. is a software development and publishing company specializing in web and mobile development. With a focus on design, Ten23 has created award-winning software in enterprise, social networking and games. Ten23 was the recipient of a Most Innovative Product award for Clutch Mobile, their GPS tracking system. Their location-based social network, SpotJots, won the NAVTEQ LBS Challenge and is available on the AT&T network. PhotoKast, Ten23's media sharing app, is one of the best reviewed social networking apps available on the iPhone, serving over 1.5 million photo views a week. More information at


Delicious Vinyl DJ Official Site

Bio, pictures, and streams available here:

Delicious Vinyl MySpace page:

Label site:

Humor Mill TV- One On One With Comedian Chris Spencer

We chat with comedian Chris Spencer as he discusses his upcoming projects, plus about being a writer in Hollywood. Not too many folks know that he is the driving force for a lot of comedies that are aired and even Award Shows. Anyway we chat with him about everything that is on his plate and he drops some news on us about something that he has in the works! Check out the interview!

Tuesday, November 24, 2009


There are many ways to keep a legacy alive, or to keep one’s name relevant in the entertainment industry after an unfortunate and untimely passing. As for Chad Butler aka ‘Pimp C’, his wife Chinara Butler is putting forth her efforts to do just that, Friday, December 4th, 2009.

UGQ, Inc., founded by Chinara Butler and her late husband, has united with CCM Foundation and S.E.A.C (Syphillis Elimation Advisory Committee), to bring you the Inaugural Chad ‘Pimp C’ Butler Hip Hop & Health/Wellness Fair in their hometown of Port Arthur, Texas, which will be held on Friday, December 4th, at 6pm-10pm at the Port Arthur Pavilion. This event will be held every year on December 4th, the unfortunate day we lost a musical Legend, who had many dreams in store for his we start here.

The Chad Butler Hip Hop & Health/Wellness Fair was founded in remembrance of Pimp C to start raising awareness for our youth today, whom sometimes lack the resources or even the knowledge to realize the importance of regular physical exams, frequent HIV/STD testing, drug prevention and abuse. The Port Arthur Health Department will be in attendance to provide these services, along with free vaccinations, as they are dedicated in promoting a healthy community. There will be a small donation fee of $5 and can good drop at entry.

Port Arthur residents will also get to enjoy live entertainment from special celebrity guests (TBA) to keep this event celebratory and educational at the same time. We will also be holding a Hip Hop 'MC' Battle for contestants who take an HIV/STD test and winner will take home $1000!!

(The Texas Department of State Health Services' data from 2005 revealed that Region 6, the region that includes Jefferson County, ranked number two out of the 11 Texas regions in confirmed cases of chlamydia, gonorrhea, and syphilis and #1 in AIDS cases. These numbers can be reduced dramatically by raising awareness and constantly educating the public about diseases that are easily preventable.)

We genuinely appreciate your support in advance and look forward to your participation in the Inaugural Chad ‘Pimp C’ Butler Hip Hop, Health & Wellness Fair.

For more detailed information or press enquiries, kindly contact Stacy P via email at or 281.788.0167.

For Sponsorship, please contact Chinara Butler via email or 409.549.3393 or Cory Garrett or 281.377.hiv1

Monday, November 23, 2009

You've Lost That Beefing Feeling

Boot Camp Clik Triple Threat Box Set (In Stores November 24th)

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Boot Camp Clik Triple Threat Box Set (In Stores November 24th) 

Limited-Edition 3 CD Collector's Item For The Price of One; Perfect For The Holiday Season

The product for Boot Camp Clik’s Triple Threat Box Set is in. A beautiful case, which features all three albums from Boot Camp Clik’s 2005, Triple Threat Summer, is bound to sell-out quickly.

The Triple Threat campaign was groundbreaking. It marked the beginning of Sean Price’s solo career with his debut release, “Monkey Barz.” Fans were introduced to the witty word play of Sean Price as he displayed ignorance at its finest.

The campaign was the first time that grammy-award winning producer 9th Wonder teamed up with Buckshot, for their project, “Chemistry.” The pairing of an MC & Producer from outside camps, which at the time was a novel idea, has since become a more popular trend.

The Triple Threat series also brought the return of Smif N Wessun, who reverted back to their original group name for their album, “Reloaded.”

Marc Ecko and the Ecko Unltd Mindlabs created album artwork for the projects, which were illustrated, comic-book-like covers. When combining all three album covers they created one unique image.

On November 24th, fans will have the opportunity to purhase a 3 CD box set containing The Triple Threat albums. This limited-edition item, although 3 CDs, will be available for the price of ONE CD. The Box Set Case has been strategically designed to provide a wrap-around feel of all three-album covers placed together to form one complete and consistent image (see product image attachment) 

Pre-Order your copy today at:

Sunday, November 22, 2009

DreamSharee Edu-tainment

DreamSharee's TSharee Butler and Co-Founder Marcus King speak about their company and the purpose and direction they are going.

Saturday, November 21, 2009

Dreamgirls at the Apollo Extended for One Week ONLY! Through December 12th

Producer John Breglio and the Apollo Theater Foundation, Inc. announced today that New York audiences will get an additional week to see the premiere engagement of Dreamgirls at the Apollo Theater. This brand-new production of the landmark musical will now play 7 additional performances through Saturday, December 12, 2009 at Harlem’s legendary Apollo Theater (253 West 125 Street – just ten minutes from midtown) prior to the national tour’s engagement at Baltimore’s Hippodrome at France-Merrick Performing Arts Center beginning Wednesday, December 16, 2009. Dreamgirls began previews at the Theater Saturday, November 7, 2009, and will officially open at the Theater Sunday, November 22, 2009.

Dreamgirls is directed and choreographed by Robert Longbottom with co-choreography by Shane Sparks, scenic design by Robin Wagner, costume design by William Ivey Long, lighting design by Ken Billington, sound design by Acme Sound Partners, and media design by Howard Werner for Lightswitch. With music direction by Sam Davis, orchestrations by Harold Wheeler, and Vocal Arrangements by David Chase & Cleavant Derricks, Dreamgirls is produced by John Breglio for Vienna Waits Productions in association with Chunsoo Shin, Jake Productions & Broadway Across America/TBS.

Dreamgirls introduces Moya Angela as Effie White and features, as The Dreams, Syesha Mercado as Deena Jones, Adrienne Warren as Lorrell Robinson, and Margaret Hoffman as Michelle Morris with Chaz Lamar Shepherd as Curtis Taylor, Jr., Chester Gregory as James “Thunder” Early, Trevon Davis as C.C. White, Milton Craig Nealy as Marty Madison in a cast of 26 that also features Felicia Boswell, Tallia Brinson, Patrice Covington, Ronald Duncan, Talitha Farrow, Brittney Griffin, James Harkness, Robert Hartwell, Eric Jackson, Chauncey Jenkins, Jared Joseph, Nikki Kimbrough, Brittany Lewis, Douglas Lyons, Kimberly Marable, Jarran Muse, Amaker Smith and Marc Spaulding.

Following the Apollo Theater engagement, the national tour of Dreamgirls will play Baltimore, Pittsburgh, Milwaukee, Minneapolis, Chicago, Boston, Columbus, Los Angeles, Seattle, Portland, Costa Mesa, Cincinnati, Philadelphia, Dallas, Kansas City and more. For more information, please visit

Celebrating its 75th anniversary season in 2009-2010, the legendary Apollo Theater has been a driving force in shaping America’s music and cultural landscape and has played a major role in the emergence of innovative musical genres including jazz, swing, bebop, R&B, gospel, blues, soul and hip-hop. Ella Fitzgerald, Sarah Vaughan, Billie Holiday, Sammy Davis, Jr., James Brown, Bill Cosby, Gladys Knight, Luther Vandross, D’Angelo, Lauryn Hill, and countless others began their road to stardom on the Apollo’s stage. A distinctly American landmark, it is the one of the only institutions in the nation equally devoted to showcasing both emerging talent and legendary performers on the same stage, thereby creating an exceptional community of musicians and artists. Based on its cultural significance and architecture, the Apollo Theater received state and city landmark designation in 1983 and is listed on the National Register of Historic Places.

The Apollo Theater Foundation, a not-for-profit corporation founded in 1991, is dedicated to the preservation and development of the Apollo Theater. The Apollo’s mission is to honor the influence and advance the contributions of African-American artists and advance emerging creative voice s across cultures and artistic media through the Apollo Experience of world-class live performances and educational programs. The Apollo is located in the heart of Harlem at 253 West 125 Street, between Adam Clayton Powell Blvd (7th Ave.) and Frederick Douglass Blvd (8th Ave.), and is easily accessible by public transportation via the A, B, C, D, 2, and 3 trains. For further information, visit

Tickets to the Apollo Theater engagement of Dreamgirls range from $36-$106, and are available at (212-307-4100), or at the Apollo box office at 253 W. 125th Street, between Adam Clayton Powell Blvd. and Frederick Douglass Blvd. The playing schedule is as follows: Tuesday through Saturday at 8pm, with matinees Wednesday and Saturday at 2pm and Sunday at 3pm.