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Phil Ade The Letterman Trailer

Phil Ade The Letterman Trailer from 1st Impressions Studio on Vimeo.

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Donnell Rawlings: “Stop Asking Me Where Dave Chappelle Is!!”

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Platinum recording artist Trina launches Amazin' Cosmetics and joins forces with The Carma Foundation

Platinum selling recording artist Katrina “Trina” Taylor, whose still reeling from the success of her 5th album AMAZIN’ which was released on May 4th, 2010 and debuted #1 on the Independent Billboard charts and #2 on the Billboard Rap Charts, is launching a cosmetics line this June titled Amazin’ Cosmetics. In conjunction with the launch of Amazin’ Cosmetics, Trina is joining forces with the Carma foundation for Amazing Gloss for An Amazing Cause to help raise funds to assist the orphans of Haiti devastated by the earthquake.

Trina’s “Baddest Chick” Collection includes two lines: Amazin Cosmetics and Million Dollar Girl apparel. The Amazin Cosmetic line debuted with Amazin’ Lip Wear which consists of a modern palette of vibrant lip glosses with a built in sponge applicator to give your lips an extra luscious boost of shine; Amazin’ Eyelashes which are re-usable glamorous diamond studded eyelashes that instantly give a stunning beautiful look. Each set comes with tweezers and adhesive; Finally, the Amazin’ Perfume line currently includes two fragrances Diamond Princess and Diamond Doll. Coming this fall the line will introduce a new fragrance “Pink Diamond”. Amazin cosmetics reflects Trina’s iconic presence and sex appeal as seen on stage or as she dazzles them on the red carpet. Amazin’ Cosmetics can be purchased at .

Over the years, Trina has contributed greatly to various urban communities. Continuing with this same tradition, Amazin’ Cosmetics will partner with Melky Jean’s (Wycleff’s sister) Carma Foundation to assist orphans who continue to be impacted by the catastrophic event in Haiti. Trina was moved by the countless number of abandoned children left on the streets of Haiti and decided to “do something”. She pledged her support by donating a portion of the proceeds from gloss sales to assist Carma Foundation and the Mayor of Port Au Prince Haiti in restoring hope for the children of Haiti. Kicking off on June 13, 2010 in New York City, the Amazin Cosmetics line will launch the “Amazin Summer Challenge” encouraging city officials, celebrities/athletes and communities to get involved by donating Promise Packs from World Vision ( that includes hygiene products, school supplies, and to provide food and shelter for the children.

For more information on Trina, the Amazin’ cosmetics line, or how you can help contribute to the donations to the Promise Packs for the Haiti survivors, please visit: ; .

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Consequence - Life Is Short (feat. Statik Selektah)

West Coast's Mann talks Lingo, not fitting in, being anti-Disney, & linking w/ J.R. Rotem!

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Dante Lee In Ebony; Releasing New Book


-- New book features exclusive one-on-one interviews with Bob Johnson, Dr. Farrah Gray, George Fraser, Karen Hunter, Ephren Taylor, Tom Burrell, and many more. --

Dante Lee, founder of Diversity City Media

and co-founder of Lee Moss Media

Columbus, OH - Dante Lee, the 28-year old president/CEO of Diversity City Media, is being profiled for the second time in Ebony Magazine. He appears in the May 2010 issue in a special segment called "Young Entrepreneurs Take Charge" that highlights successful young African American business owners. The feature is on page 76.

His company, Diversity City Media, is an award-winning marketing and public relations firm that helps major corporations reach African American audiences online. The company also produces an extensive press release distribution service to the Black media, and helps Black experts and speakers get speaking engagements.

Lee is also the co-founder of Lee Moss Media, which owns the largest network of premium African American web properties including,,,,,, and many more. Collectively, the sites attract more than 2 million unique visitors each month.

In October 2010, Lee will release his third book through Smiley Publishing - Tavis Smiley's imprint with Hay House Publishers. The book is entitled Black Business Secrets, and features exclusive business tips, advice and strategies. It also features one-on-one interviews with Lee and Bob Johnson (founder of BET), Tom Burrell (founder of Burrell Communications), Dr. Farrah Gray (youngest Black millionaire and founder of Farrah Gray Publishing), George Fraser (best-selling author and founder of FraserNet), Karen Hunter (founder of Karen Hunter Publishing), Ephren Taylor (the youngest Black CEO of a publicly-traded company), Gwen Richardson (founder of - largest African American retailer), William Moss (founder of HBCU Connect), Stephanie Drake (founder of Drake, Inc - a major construction and real estate firm), and C. Sunny Martin (founder of Who's Who Publishing and the Minority Franchise Expo).

"I'm excited about 2010," Lee says. "I'm honored to be featured in Ebony Magazine again, and I'm really looking forward to the release of my new book." He continues, "My goal is to educate and inspire as many Black entrepreneurs as possible. The Census Bureau reports that Black-owned businesses are 5 times more likely to fail than their white counterparts. I want to overturn that devastating statistic."

Lee, an alumnus of Bowie State University, started his company in January 2000 while enrolled as a student. Now his firm generates more than $500,000 in annual revenue, and has clientele in the likes of McDonald's, Nationwide Insurance, BET, TV One, Ford Motors, Verizon, and more. In addition to Ebony Magazine, he has been featured in Black Enterprise Magazine, MSNBC, ABC News, and on the Tavis Smiley Show. He was also nominated for the Black Enterprise "Rising Star" Award.

To subscribe to his blog, visit:

For more details about his company, visit: and

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Heather B On Marriage

Young Adult Novel Addresses Use of Ebonics



Detroit, MI ( –- The young adult novel, The Magic Pencil, explores the nuances of language many African Americans may use when communicating within varying situations. This practice -- known as code-switching -- is not unique to African Americans but it has attracted much attention and discussion in the academic world of late.

Karen E. Dabney has taken this subject and crafted a compelling and entertaining story revolving around an inquisitive boy, a mysterious girl and a magic pencil.

In the story the children speak naturally to one another using Standard English, when necessary or desired, while demonstrating their ability to switch back and forth with little effort. The result is a gentle education for those who have preconceived notions regarding the users of African American Vernacular English (AAVE), also known as "Ebonics".

AAVE has a long history that began when the first enslaved Africans were brought to the United States. They had to develop ways to communicate verbally with each other due to speaking differing dialects and languages. This task, coupled with learning how to communicate with the white slave owners, required skill and patience. The result of the style with which the average enslaved person spoke displayed a new language complete with its own rules and consistencies.

The AAVE one hears today around the country is basically the same as its roots.

Readers of The Magic Pencil will come to understand that the characters who continually use AAVE are not any less intelligent than those who speak Standard English. This discovery is important in that it lifts the self-esteem of youth who may struggle with the latter's correct usage.

They will find vindication while reading about others who live full lives and verbally share their feelings in what may be the reader's home/first language.

Important lessons are also to be found in The Magic Pencil. The story imparts means and methods youth may employ to successfully navigate through the pitfalls they may encounter in life. Self-determination and reliance are fostered. The attainment of knowledge is lauded.

Ms. Dabney has created an important and magnetically didactic read!

For more information visit



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Rhymefest "El Che" Red Cassette Tape Exclusive Release

RhymefestRhymefest via

As Rhymefest prepares to unleash his highly anticipated El Che on June 8, 2010, the emcee’s new indie label, dN|Be Entertainment, has just announced that a limited quantity of red cassettes will be released for the album. Dubbed the “Red Tape,” the cassette will feature all 16 tracks from Rhymefest’s long awaited sophomore effort. Motivated by classic LPs from Hip Hop’s Golden Era, dN|Be Entertainment asserts the red cassettes are necessary to bridge the gap between Hip Hop’s heyday and El Che.

In addition to the collector’s edition red tape, a transparent, prison-safe cassette will also be released by the label. Realizing that many revolutionaries are unfortunately locked behind bars, Rhymefest hopes to touch the lives of society’s sometimes forgotten soldiers with El Che. The clear cassettes will feature no screws and are approved for usage by inmates in most prisons.

The “Red Tape” and the clear prison cassette will be offered exclusively through the interactive website, Pre-orders for the cassette, CD, and digital versions of El Che are currently available on the site. Orders are guaranteed to be fulfilled through on June 8th. In the meantime, Fans are encouraged to connect with Rhymefest through the website’s blog, videos, streaming music, mixtape downloads, and social networking links to Facebook and Twitter (@Rhymefest).

Official El Che Cassette Artwork

Artist: Rhymefest

Release Date: June 8, 2010

Label: dN|Be Entertainment


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AKA Convention in St. Louis, July 9-16


-- Over 10,000 Members to Launch Second Century of Sisterhood and Service --

Barbara A. McKinzie - International President

Chicago, IL ( -- Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority begins it second century of sisterhood and service when 10,000 members converge upon the St. Louis Convention Center in St. Louis, Missouri from July 9-16 for its first conference in its second centennial. International President Barbara A. McKinzie will preside over the weeklong event, whose theme is: "Second Time Around."

A bevy of luminaries from various industries are expected to attend, participate and be honored at the conference. Ellen Sirleaf Johnson, president of Liberia and a member of the Sorority is among the high-profile leaders who will attend. She will receive the International Service Award, the Sorority's most prestigious honor. The Sorority will also announce a major economic development initiative aimed at promoting global economic development for women.

Paralleling McKinzie's focus on economics, the Sorority will host town hall forums on entrepreneurship, wealth building and homeownership -- the cornerstone of AKA's ESP program, which stands for Economics Service and Partnership. Alpha Kappa Alpha will also engage members in dialogues on issues that impact members and the communities they serve. Topics that will be covered include voter registration and education, health, bridging the generational gap, and the importance of emotional empowerment. The sessions will be moderated and facilitated by an impressive array of nationally-known leaders.

The convention is being held in St. Louis, home of one of AKA's founders, Ethel Hedgeman Lyle. Several activities and commemorations will be held in her honor.

Other highlights of the convention include:

* participation of prominent religious leaders at the Ecumenical Service

* induction of outstanding women into the sorority as honorary members

* presentation of awards to two history-making notables:

* Sophia Stewart, who won a historic copyright infringement lawsuit against the producers of The Matrix;

* Ephren Taylor, CEO of City Capital Corporation, the youngest millionaire of a publicly-traded company;

* dedication of the library at the Ethel Hedgeman Lyle Academy, an academic haven with an excellent scholastic record

* presentation of awards to local leaders whose good works and good deeds mirror AKA's service mission.

The conference will also feature a public meeting on Sunday, July 11. The community is invited to attend this meeting to become acquainted with Alpha Kappa Alpha, its mission and to hear an update on the week's activities in St. Louis.

The Convention will also be devoted to renewing the sisterly bond that has made the Sorority endure for 102 years.

In announcing the convention, International President McKinzie said: "Alpha Kappa Alpha is humbled and honored to celebrate our first convention of our second century in St. Louis - the birthplace of our revered founder, Ethel Hedgeman Lyle. In her honor and guided by her spirit, we will use the occasion to celebrate our illustrious history, renew our commitment to our mission, strengthen ties with one another and chart the journey toward our second Centennial."

Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority is America's first Greek-letter organization founded in 1908 by, and for, African-American college women. Headquartered in Chicago, Illinois, it is one of the world's leading service organizations. The Sorority's members have made a commitment "to serve all mankind" through a nucleus of more than 250,000 women in over 975 chapters in the United States, the Caribbean, Canada, Germany, Korea, Japan and in the continent of Africa. Barbara A. McKinzie is the 27thInternational President. Her administration is marked by the ESP theme, which stands for Economics, Service and Partnerships. For more information, log on to

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Black Barbershop Health Outreach Program Launches 50 City Tour


Tour Begins Effort to Screen and Educate over 20,000 African American Men for Diabetes, Hypertension and Prostate Cancer in 2010

Los Angeles, CA ( -- Visiting a barbershop in California this Saturday could mean more to you than getting a haircut. It might save your life. The Black Barbershop Health Outreach Program, a unique, grassroots approach to health screening and education, will be held at more than 80 barbershops in 23 cities statewide on Saturday, May 22 from 11 a.m. to 3 p.m.

This Saturday's launch marks the first cities where the outreach program will be rolled out this year. In coming months, the program will be held in 27 other cities, or 50 overall. In hundreds of nearby barbershops, African American men nationwide will receive free screening for diabetes and hypertension, and learn why early detection of prostate cancer can be a life-saving decision.

Led by Dr. Bill J. Releford, D.P.M., founder of The Diabetic Amputation Prevention (DAP) Foundation, along with a squadron of volunteers, the outreach program seeks to empower African American men to better understand cardiovascular diseases through education, testing and prevention. The program was funded by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, Charles R. Drew University of Medicine and Science, UCLA and the Prostate Cancer Foundation.

"The need to address health care disparities in African American men is paramount in light of the fact that they have the lowest life expectancy of any group in the U.S.," said Dr. Releford a podiatric surgeon. "For decades, the black barbershop has served as a centralized gathering place where African American men feel comfortable discussing the most important issues that impact their lives: politics, social trends, family and finances. Now, we are introducing an important discussion of health and the critical need for health awareness."

The statewide effort involves more than 80 barbershops, and aims to screen more than 2,500 men in Los Angeles, Long Beach, San Bernardino, Pomona, Riverside, Corona, Moreno Valley, Paris, Redlands, Inglewood, Hawthorne, Compton, Watts, Gardena, Carson, Vallejo, Fairfield, Suisun City, Vacaville, Oakland, San Diego and other cities.

Those tested also will receive the Real Black Book, a resource guide that helps them find additional medical care providers. This year's sponsors of the book include: Novo Nordis, PhRMA, Davita Inc., Entra Health Systems, Pfizer Inc., and the U.S. Census Bureau.

Recent figures show that black men suffer disproportionately from chronic diseases. For example, African American men are 30% more likely to die from heart disease than white men, according to the Office of Minority Health, an arm of Health and Human Services, a federal agency. Also, black men experience prostrate cancer at a level that's more than twice the mortality rate for any other racial or ethnic group in the U.S., according to the CDC.

Through black-owned barbershops, which represent a cultural institution of familiarity and trust, the outreach program has adopted a novel means to spread health information. Data collected from the California barbershops will be analyzed and processed at Charles Drew University. Cardiovascular disease risk factors for African American men will be compared in various cities around the country.

"This is an amazing program on many levels," said Dr. Keith Norris, interim president, Charles Drew University. "Not only is the idea of screening African American men in barbershops critical for reaching many who may otherwise not be captured in the health care system, it creates a model for education and empowerment, which is needed to reduce health disparities."

Nearly 15,000 African American men have been tested through the outreach program in 23 cities, including New Orleans, Chicago, Atlanta, St. Louis, and New York City (Harlem) since 2007 when the program was launched. The ultimate goal by 2012 is to screen more than a half-million African American men.

The outreach program also enjoys support from health and community partners, such as: L.A. Care Health Plan, St. Mary's Hospital of Long Beach, Heritage Community Initiatives, Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity, Inc., Mu Chi Chapter Inc. of Chi Eta Phi Sorority, Inc., Solano Coalition for Better Health, 100 Black Men of Long Beach, CA and the National Black Nurses Association.

Since 2007, nearly 400 black-owned barbershops have participated in the program. To learn more about the health outreach effort, and to view a complete list of those barbershops involved, please go to

Brief Profiles of the Program's Largest Sponsors:

The Diabetic Amputation Prevention (DAP) Foundation
The DAP Foundation's mission is to help decrease the diabetes-related amputation rate among high-risk populations around the world and to address the escalating number of individuals with undetected cardiovascular disease. The DAP Foundation's outreach program seeks to partner with community groups and organizations to improve health conditions that adversely affect African American males through education, prevention and early detection screenings. The foundation's efforts already have been duplicated in Oakland, Chicago, New York City (Harlem), St. Louis, Kansas City, Atlanta, New Orleans and other metropolitan areas. For more information on participating in the program, or learning about sponsorship opportunities, please visit

Charles R. Drew University of Medicine and Science
CDU is a private nonprofit, nonsectarian, minority-serving medical and health sciences institution. Located in the Watts-Willowbrook area of South Los Angeles, CDU has graduated more than 550 medical doctors, 2,500 post-graduate physicians, more than 2,000 physician assistants and hundreds of other health professionals. The only dually designated Historically Black Graduate Institution and Hispanic Serving Health Professions School in the U.S. CDU is recognized as a leader in translational and health inequities research, specifically with respect to heart disease, diabetes, cancer, mental health, and HIV/AIDS. The university is among the top 7 percent of National Institutes of Health-funded institutions and rated one of the top 50 private universities in research in the U.S. Recently, the CDU/UCLA medical program was named the "best performer" in the University of California system for producing outstanding underrepresented minority physicians. For more information, visit

UCLA is known worldwide for the breadth and quality of its academic, research, health care, cultural, continuing education and athletic programs. The university is a shared public asset that benefits society by educating students, creating knowledge through research discoveries, powering the economy and improving quality of life. It is the most popular campus in the nation for freshman applicants. UCLA ranks among the nation's leaders in competitively awarded grants and contracts to universities, receiving more than $996 million during the 2008-2009 fiscal year. UCLA has had five faculty members receive Nobel laureates.

The Prostate Cancer Foundation
The Prostate Cancer Foundation is the world's largest philanthropic source of support for prostate cancer research focused on discovering better treatments and a cure for prostate cancer. Founded in 1993, the PCF has raised more than $370 million and provided funding to more than 1,500 research projects at nearly 200 institutions worldwide. The PCF also advocates for greater awareness of prostate cancer and more governmental research funds. PCF advocacy has helped produce a 20-fold increase in government funding for prostate cancer since 1994. More information about the PCF can be found at

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention
For over 60 years, the CDC has been dedicated to protecting health and promoting quality of life through the prevention and control of disease, injury, and disability. The agency is committed to programs that reduce the health and economic consequences of the leading causes of death and disability, thereby ensuring a long, productive, healthy life for all people.

Acapella - Kelis

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WESTWOOD ONE Appoints MARK WILSON Vice President, Affiliate Sales, Entertainment Division

Westwood One announced yesterday that Mark Wilson has been promoted to Vice President Affiliate Sales, Entertainment Division. In his new role, Wilson will oversee and manage the affiliate sales efforts for Westwood One's CHR, Urban and Latin Entertainment programming, which includes: The BET Radio Network, BET 106th and Park Countdown, The Fab 30 Countdown with Perez Hilton, MTV Weekend Countdown, MTV CHR/Urban prep services, Randy Jackson's Hit List, Open House Party, Party Play House, Sunday Nite Slow Jams, Slow Jams and Frankie Needles' Top 20 Countdown. Reporting to Wilson are Rezell Simmons (Regional Director, Affiliate Sales) and Tristan Morgan (Regional Manager, Affiliate Sales). Wilson will continue to report to Dennis Green, EVP Affiliate Sales, and be based in New York City.

"Mark has led the charge to bring our entertainment products, specifically Urban/CHR programming, to audiences around the country," said Dennis Green, Westwood One EVP Affiliate Sales. "The energy and enthusiasm Mark has brought to our team these past five years has been invaluable."

"Mark has been instrumental in developing and growing our CHR, Rhythmic and Urban products at Westwood One," said Max Krasny, Westwood One SVP and GM Entertainment. "We are very proud to have someone with his knowledge and industry status in this important position."

Wilson joined Westwood One in 2005, as Regional Manager, Affiliate Sales, and was quickly promoted to Senior Director, Affiliate Sales, where he oversaw the distribution of all Westwood One Urban and CHR properties. Prior to Westwood One, Wilson held the positions of Marketing Director at Ruff Ryders/Interscope Records and Product Manager at Bad Boy/Arista Records.

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Kirk Franklin's New Book - "The Blueprint"



For some people, obstacles are minor bumps in the road on the way to success. For others, they represent a major catastrophe threatening to disrupt any chance at success. But for seven-time Grammy award winner Kirk Franklin, obstacles are challenges needed to propel you through life. In THE BLUEPRINT: A Plan for Living Above Life's Storms on sale from Gotham Books on May 18, 2010 ($25.00), Franklin reveals how he turned negative aspects from his own life-drugs, an absent father, teenage parenthood, poverty, etc.-into blessings. Franklin doesn't claim to be perfect or have insider knowledge on how to live your life, but rather puts his setbacks and faults at the forefront showing that anyone can turn their life around and become a success. THE BLUEPRINT fills the void of not knowing which way to turn and arms readers with the necessary tools to succeed.

By the time Franklin was fifteen years old, he was a young father and just another statistic. He explains in THE BLUEPRINT, "The street corner was my classroom. The hood was my Harvard." He went through life thinking he knew it all, and blamed his failures on not having a role model, until he realized he had to become the man he needed to be on his own. Franklin wants to help young men and women out there by providing them with THE BLUEPRINT he wished he had-advice and tips for how to become the person they need to be, no matter what the situation, or background.

Today, Franklin is the proud father of four and devoted husband of fourteen years, as well as one of the biggest multiplatinum-selling gospel artists of all time. He credits his faith in God and a very close mentor he found later in his life for his success.

THE BLUEPRINT is the essential guide to creating a better you, one day at a time.

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verbal PHANTOM - 15 MICS

National Bowling Assoc Annual Convention In Orange County


The National Bowling Association (TNBA), the world oldest bowling organization, will be holding its 71st Annual Convention and 69th Championship Tournament in Orange County, California, May 20 through May 30, 2010. The Hyatt Regency Orange County along with Keystone Lanes, Cal Bowl, Cerritos Lanes, Fountain Bowl and Forest Lanes will host the events.

Four Regional bowling champions who competed in the Bill Rhodman Classic will be competing in several divisions, to determine the overall champions. Bill Rhodman Classic is TNBA's annual tournament that honors the late Bill Rhodman. Mr. Rhodman was a pioneer among Black Bowlers. Rhodman, from Detroit, has been inducted into the American Bowling Congress (ABC) Hall of Fame. TNBA's National Junior Roll will also be featured.

Other events that week include:

* TNBA Hall of Fame Induction and Annual Awards Banquet, Tuesday, May 25th
* Margaret S. Lee National Battle of the Sexes Scholarship Tournament, Thursday, May 27th
* Joe Thomas King and Queen Coronation Ball, Friday, May 28th

Sunday, May 09, 2010

Father's Day Rally Raises Prostate Cancer Awareness


-- Black Churches set to take part in this year's event "Joining Hands in Prayer to Save Lives" --

[Click To Enlarge]

Boston, MA ( -- The Prostate Health Education Network (PHEN) has announced that it will lead a nationwide "Father's Day Rally Against Prostate Cancer," in partnership with churches across the country, on Sunday, June 20th, 2010. The Rally, whose theme is "Joining Hands in Prayer to Save Lives," is aimed at increasing knowledge and awareness about the African American prostate cancer crisis. This event will take place within each church during their regular services. Congregations will recognize prostate cancer survivors, their families, as well as the loved ones of those men who have died from the disease. The churches will offer a special prayer of love and healing to all whose lives have been impacted by prostate cancer. PHEN, and local organizations, will additionally provide each church with materials for distribution that all men and women can use to help increase family education about prostate cancer.

This national Rally is modeled after the highly successful partnership with churches in Massachusetts on Father's Day of last year. "Our Rally was a great success and we are looking forward to participating again this year," said Rev. Dr. John Borders, Pastor, Morningstar Baptist Church in Boston, MA, whose church was a Rally participant.

Ebenezer Baptist Church in Rocky Mount, North Carolina has already registered to participate in 2010. "The rally meets a need within our community and it is a perfect addition to our men's program, which will be held on Father's Day," said the Church's Pastor, Rev. Dr. Thomas Walker.

Thomas A. Farrington, PHEN president and a prostate cancer survivor, said "There is a critical lack of knowledge about prostate cancer in Black America that is needlessly causing deaths and suffering that we must change. The Father's Day Rally will help increase knowledge that is vital to change at the grass roots level where it is most needed."

PHEN invites all churches, local organizations and survivors to join hands across the country and make this Rally a highly visible and effective joint effortwithin Black communities, which are most impacted by prostate cancer. Churches can register to participate online at and they will receive details about participating.

About the Rally Against Prostate Cancer

African American men are diagnosed with prostate cancer at a rate 60% higher and have a death rate 150% higher than all other men. This is the largest racial disparity for any type of cancer. The Father's Day Rally is a part of PHEN's RAP Cancer initiative, which was launched in 2008. RAP Cancer mobilizes prostate cancer survivors with the resources to help others, and outreaches through PHEN online television programming, community television stations, radio and internet broadcasts. This broad "grassroots" effort reaches men and their families with education and awareness information and support with the understanding that knowledge is the best defense against prostate cancer. PHEN is a 501c3 organization founded in 2003 by Thomas A. Farrington a prostate cancer survivor and author of the books "Battling the Killer Within" and "Battling the Killer Within and Winning."

For more information contact:, or call Amy Skinner at (781) 487-2239.

Wednesday, May 05, 2010

Eternia & MoSS Announce Release Date “At Last”

In 2007, Eternia began recording her sophomore album with MoSS (a fellow Canadian), two years later the LP is complete and the title of the album says it all: At Last! Going where instinct took them, Eternia and MoSS’ collaborative union manifested into a sonically consistent album inspired by classic, boom-bap rap records (I.E. Ghostface Killah, Gangstarr, EPMD, Wu-Tang, & Nas).

MoSS is one of Hip-Hop’s fastest rising producers (see his work with Raekwon, Obie Trice, Ghostface, Joell Ortiz, Joe Budden, AZ, Slum Village, Havoc, Kool G Rap, KRS-One, Buckshot etc) and the first producer signed to DJ Premier’s “Works Of Mart” production company—needless to say, the classic boom-bap aesthetic is a lane MoSS is more then comfortable in.

At Last is entirely produced by MoSS and features appearances by some of Hip-hop’s elite, including Joell Ortiz, Ras Kass, Termanology, Tona, Reef The Lost Cauze and luminary female emcees such as Rage, Rah Digga, Jean Grae & Tiye Phoenix. Eternia is at her finest over MoSS’ production, offering raw, confidant & vulnerable first-person perspectives over gritty and moving soundscapes. At Last promises to resonate in a musical arena where most rap albums fail to deliver beyond a ring-tone single.

While Eternia has spent the better part of two-years working on At Last, she has also been a whirlwind of promotion and productivity. In the summer of 2008, shortly after the release of “Where I’m At – The Setup”, Eternia launched her extremely popular T-shirt design, “My Favorite Rapper Wears A Skirt” to thrilled fashion-conscientious fans worldwide. In December of 2009, Eternia released “Get Caught Up”, presented by 2Dopeboyz & Kevin Nottingham.

Eternia has toured across Canada, the U.S., Australia, Mexico & Europe numerous times. Perhaps most noteworthy, she was invited to tour with Roxanne Shante, Bahamadia, Invincible and DJ Shortee across Europe on the historic “WE B-GIRLZ” tour in 2008, the first ever of its kind. Recently, Eternia has transformed herself from ‘that Canadian rapper’ to a household name on North American Hip Hop News & Blog sites, with her weekly video episodes “’AT Last’ - Road to Release Day” garnering well over 90,000 hits collectively and featuring Hip Hop legends DJ Premier, KRS-One, Pharoahe Monch, MC Lyte, Jeru the Damaja, 88-Keys, Jean Grae, Marco Polo, Smif N Wessun all co-signing the album.

You can catch Eternia & MoSS’ video diary “Road To Release” (all 15 episodes are available) on her dedicated Youtube page

Download Links for Eternia & MoSS “Its Funny” f/Joell Ortiz: