Friday, October 30, 2009

The Optimum Empowerment Resource Rally/ Optimum on Hot 97

The Optimum Economic Empowerment Resource Rally  Prison

Of the 2.7 million people who are incarcerated in our prison systems across America, 650,000 will be released this year and 63% will return within 3 years. Recidivism impacts all communities and Optimum refuses to sit idly by without action. We have dedicated the entire month of October to  providing 13 comprehensive economic empowerment workshops to those in jeopardy of becoming institutionalized within the US prison system.

To culminate Optimum October Fight Against Recidvism, we invite the ENTIRE community to join us on Saturday, October 31, 2009 for The Optimum Economic Empowerment Resource Rally for FREE education, training, food and inspiration!


"If you don't have a need to be here. If you do have a need to be here. No matter if you have a job or not, you need to inform all of those who are seeking employment about this event. If they have a felony...doesn't matter...send them out as well because we have programs to find them jobs and assistance. It is time for us to band together in this volatile economy. I hope to see you all on Saturday!"

Ryan Mack, President of Optimum Capital Management, LLC


St. Paul Community Baptist Church
           859 Hendrix St.  
           Brooklyn, NY 11297

(In East New York between Stanley Avenue and Linden Blvd. -- Trains: 3 to Van Siclen Avenue)  

10:00 am - 4:00 pm

Special Guests:
Vanda Seward
Director of Statewide Re-entry  Services, NYS Division of Parole
Dr. Ron Daniels
Talk Radio Extraordinaire
Andrew Morrison
Small Business Boot Camp
Maurice Carver
Host of Black Men Screaming
Darnell Canada
President of REBUILD
Greg Russell/ Lorenzo Steele/ Jamal Reed
Community Activists

Optimum to Appear on HOT 97 to Discuss Recidivism InitiativeOptimum Logo

Lisa Evers Host of "Street Soldiers", a Hot 97 talk radio show, will interview Ryan Mack (President), Manyell L. Akinfe (Vice President), and other Optimum supporters  about their month long October fight against recidivism. 

The broadcast will air  Sunday, November 1st at 9am EST on Hot 97 FM


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The Optimum Economic Empowerment Resource Rally
Optimum to Appear on HOT 97 to Discuss Recidivism Initiative

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