Monday, October 19, 2009


Get Busy Committee features names you may have heard before: Ryu (Styles of Beyond, Fort Minor), Apathy (Demigodz, Army of the Pharaohs) and super-producer Scoop Deville, who is known for his work recently with Snoop Dogg, Game, Clipse, Murs and many others. The two MC's and producer came together for a special project, Uzi Does It, an album with tracks produced by Apathy and Scoop, who also lends his own signature vocal swagger to many of the songs. Their debut album, Uzi Does It, will be released for pre-sale album download on October 27th at and available on iTunes and other outlets on November 10th.

This album is unlike any rap album you've heard before. So, if you were expecting some of the boring two-sample verse/chorus nonsense hip-hop, it won't be here. There is no forced song structure and a variety of interesting topics on the album. The record is hip-hop, served straight up. Full of songs and songwriting, heartfelt stories of life in LA, a life of music, partying, late nights on the Sunset Strip, and coke. Apathy describes on 'Chillin Out Maxin', "I used to love Easy-E, BBD, BDP, so I mixed it all up what you get? GBC."

Check out the songs 'My Little Razor Blade' and 'Chillin Out Maxin' here:

Check out the makeshift 'My Little Razor Blade' music video here:

The record is being released on their own label, Tokyo Sex Whale Records. Ryu was once signed to Warner Brothers and Apathy to Atlantic. No offense to the A&R rep who thinks phrases like, "I think you should work on your skateboard skills" or "you should go to the gym so you can take your shirt off on stage" is career advice, but Get Busy Committee decided to eschew label interest this time around and go their own route. "We can fuck it up ourselves, thanks," they were heard to say. So, Uzi Does It became a 100% self-funded, self-released independent record.

And while you'll definitely find this record on iTunes, Amazon, and even at your local indie CD store, you'll also find it in some non-traditional places and formats. One such version will be on a USB stick in the shape of an Uzi open bolt, blowback-operated submachine gun ( Uzi Does It, indeed.

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