Thursday, August 13, 2009


After years of being at Atlantic Records and launching their own record label, the multi-platinum recording group, Nappy Roots, stages a comeback. Today, the group announced the re-release of the chart- topping album “The Humdinger” this coming September through their own imprint Nappy Roots Entertainment Group (NREG) and distributed by Fontana/Universal. 
The quiet release of “The Humdinger” debuted at # 7 on the Billboard Rap Charts and sat at # 13 on the R&B/Hip-Hop Charts. The group’s second single “Down ‘N Out” featuring Anthony Hamilton was officially released last week, and is already in rotation in key markets.
In September, “The Humdinger” will be available with a bonus mixtape entitled “Southern Slang."  The album features guest appearances by Anthony Hamilton, Greg Nice, and the remaining five group members, Skinny Deville, Scales, Ron Clutch, B Stille, and Big V. 
Lead group member and label CEO, Skinny DeVille, says “The single “Down ‘N Out” is reminiscent of the group’s sudden demise at Atlantic Records, label politics, and losing group member R Prophet.” He further went on to say “Nappy had to take some time off to get back to our roots, we started out independent and that’s where we belong. We’ll never let another situation like what happen to us at Atlantic happen again.  We maintain control over our destiny and stay loyal to our fans.” 
This news comes as a precursor to the southern rap group preparing to release a 7-part online mini series entitled “The Half Truths: The Lost Nappy Roots DVD”, amidst preparing for the 2010 release of the album “Pursuit of Nappyness”.  
The Bowling Green, Kentucky bred rap group started their careers in the mid 90’s on the campus of Western Kentucky University. Following the release of their first independent debut Country Fried Cess, Atlantic Records went on to sign the once then sextet of students that consisted of Skinny Deville, Scales, Ron Clutch, B Stille, R Prophet, and Big V. At the peak of their careers, Nappy Roots comfortably sat on top of the Billboard Charts with the two major releases of Watermelon, Chicken & Gritz and Wooden Leather, while earning a Grammy nomination for the record Po Folks in 2003.   The group eventually left Atlantic and went on to start their imprint in 2008, Nappy Roots Entertainment Group (NREG). NREG is headed up by lead group member, Skinny Deville, and headquartered in Atlanta, GA with an office in New York, NY.  Throughout their career, the group has been recognized by MTV, the American Music Awards, Soul- Train, and others for pioneering Southern conscious rap to the mainstream. For more information on Nappy Roots please visit or on twitter at

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