Wednesday, August 19, 2009

ESSO Takes a Glimpse at the "View from the Top"

Y&I Music in conjunction with the Dirty Debutante and the Minority Report hosted a celebration of the past and present in music for the release of ESSO's latest and most prominent mixtape, "Off The Wall E009." The album release party for one of the frontrunners of the new generation in Hip Hop took place at the stunning Aspen Lounge in NYC and was sponsored by TOMA Vodka.

Numerous industry tastemakers filled the venue for the enjoyable evening. Guests included fellow artists such as producer Woody of Woody's Produce, director Joseph Puma, Angela Yee (Sirius/XM Personality), Charles Hamilton, Donny Goines, A. Pinks, Nina B. and Panama. Various media including AOL Music , and local TV were in attendance as well. DJ DB and DJ G Brown complimented the ambiance with classic musical selections as well as tracks from ESSO and Woody's "Off The Wall E009".

The much anticipated album was released on August 10th, 2009, marking the 30th anniversary Michael Jackson's original piece. The dynamic duo expended the ten hit songs that King of Pop's solo career and made them their own. ESSO and Woody let their inspiration and esteem for the musical icon take them to higher stages of their own creativity. Their objective was to pay homage to Michael Jackson's influence in their own careers by creating a noteworthy work of art that the world could embrace. The album pays homage to the genius of the Greatest Of All Time.


Evolution is change in the inherited traits of a population from one generation to the next. When referring to ESSO, the Theory of Evolution is at the heart of where he stands right now, and a major influence in the direction of how he expresses himself musically. Since releasing ESSOcentric in October 2006, and the follow-ups ESSObama: The Champagne Campaign, and E3: E-Day, ESSO has quickly become one of the most well known independent artists in New York City. He is currently a staple among internet blogs and websites which have been generating traffic and featuring his two songs from the latest album. For the next three months, on a weekly basis, the talented emcee will participate in "Gimme A Break" on the "Morning After with Angela Yee" on Sirius Radio's Shade 45. You can also find ESSO in the latest issue of XXL magazine which is celebrating its 12th Anniversary. For more information, go to


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