Monday, August 17, 2009

Introducing Estilo Lab: A Kid's Clothing Company

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A New Day In Children's Fashion 


Mother and Son Design Team Launch Kid's Clothing Line

August 17, 2009 - New York, NY - Estilo Lab Takes Children's Market
By Storm

Two years ago Lisa Pierre discovered a truly fashion forward alternative to the traditional display of her son's artwork and school projects on the refrigerator.  Realizing her 7 year old's artistic gift and her undeniable love for fashion, she created Estilo Lab, a clothing line for young boys.

Bored with the generic and often scarce selection offered by retailers for young boys, Lisa and Jalen created Estilo LAB to target those looking for a more fun and eclectic mix.  Organic cotton t-shirts have replaced construction paper as the canvas for Jalen's artwork.  The collection is the epitome of wearable art and encompasses everything that fashionable young boys such as Jalen, love in a uniquely fun and artistic way.  The drawings showcase characters like A Sneaky Bat, A Stubborn Rhino, Mohawk Robot, Wolfdroid and more.

Jalen, who is now a perfectly healthy and energetic 9 yr old, once suffered from complications with his esophagus, which required that he be fed through a tube until the age of 5.   Today Jalen lends his artistic ability and creative input to help create Estilo Lab with Lisa, who recently resigned from her job as an accountant to pursue her and Jalen's dream full time.  The mother and son team look forward to developing and expanding the collection to other items but for now, Jalen is content with simply seeing his drawings on t-shirts.  When asked, how he feels to see his schoolmates sporting his designs, he simply states, "It's AWESOME!"

Estilo Lab t-shirts for boys are available in kid's specialty boutiques around NYC.

For press inquiries contact Kadilsha Cain at

For more information about the collection contact Lisa Pierre at

Visit Estilo Lab on the web at


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