Wednesday, July 15, 2009

WFRE Interrupts Radio Frequencies across the U.S.

Early this morning a coordinated group of high-tech revolutionaries we able to successfully infiltrate several radio networks across the nation with an urgent bulletin. It is not yet known exactly how long of a transmission was broadcasted, but the FCC is currently investigating the occurrence. It seems that several translator stations were used in order to accomplish this important security breach that has alerted even the White House. More important was the message, which was broadcasted without any censorship. So far only one group of individuals have stepped forth in connection to this investigated incidence. A-Alikes, a NYC based rap group and RBG affiliate have admitted to their involvement and have compiled several of the audio clips that were broadcasted last night for rebroadcasting and international distribution.

“These clips are almost painful to listen to because you can hear the angst, pain and stress in the people’s voices as they voice their own displeasure with the conditions we face everyday.” – Ness (A-Alikes)

DJ Victorious of We Free Radio seamlessly incorporates these audio clips with exclusive vocals & messages from Mos Def, Raye 6, I.G. and Afayah. Even Kanye West, Checkmate, Tahir, DJ Butta, and more producers offered their production talent in support of the new A-Alikes mixtape, “The Hustle and the Hunted Part 3.”




About A-Alikes

At a time when the economy is sinking, the prison industrial complex is expanding and the music industry is shrinking into a handful of major corporations driven by sales alone, A-Alikes offers a connection to the streets with a concern for the future of the community. Their debut release” I Eat You Eat” on Nervous records helped garner them national press and lead them to their current project “The Ballot or the Bullet”, a documentary and soundtrack. This is a prelude to A-Alikes' upcoming full length LP “Us Against Them“, a new venture between Guerilla Nation and digital distributor ContentChunk.Com

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