Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Amalgam Digital and Saigon Team up to Release the Highly Anticipated Album "Warning Shots 2"

Following the success of "All in a Day's Work," Saigon has partnered with Amalgam Digital, known for being hip-hop's first digital retail store, to release the much anticipated "Warning Shots 2"—which he guarantees will be his best album yet—September 29, 2009 in both digital and CD formats. "Warning Shots 2" promises to build on the rapper's highly successful "Warning Shots 1" independent release, ultimately leading into the entirely Just Blaze-produced album "Greatest Story Never Told." Saigon has emerged as a leading pioneer in the music business by reclaiming artistic control over his work, and he is often commended for finding an innovative means to release his work by utilizing new media outfit Amalgam Digital.

Saigon's phenomenal body of mixtape work and creative talent quickly gained popularity in the underground circuit and on the internet, as he has been listed in many "Artist to Watch" columns (including Time magazine) and graced the covers of a variety hip-hop publications throughout the early to mid -2000s. In recent years, Saigon has become more recognizable to the mainstream due in large part to his recurring role in the popular HBO series "Entourage" and his charitable efforts to support the children of incarcerated parents through his nonprofit foundation Abandoned Nation, which was established in 2000 and also helped him and associated artists pursue their music careers.

His latest album "All in a Day's Work" was recorded in 24 hours, put out in week, and heralded as a groundbreaking digital release, setting an impressive stage for Saigon's newest project. Building off of the same forward-thinking approach that recently helped "All in a Day's Work" bridge the gap between mixtapes and studio albums, Saigon explained his landmark efforts with burgeoning new media outfit Amalgam Digital:

" I'm enjoying my experience with Amalgam Digital and being creative to give music to my fans without all the bullshit. It's a new way of thinking and it feels good to partner with an innovative company that's ahead of its curve. I'm excited to get this album out!"

His self-produced "For Some P**** " details the lengths some men will go for the chase and will serve as the lead single from "Warning Shots 2," with the remix featuring up-and-coming artist O.J. Da Juiceman, who was recently highlighted as an artist to watch in Vibe Magazine's June issue. The single's clean version, "For Some Cookie," will be targeted for mainstream media circuits, and it will be promoted through a "What Would You Do for the Cookie?" game show launched by Amalgam Digital. Despite the radio-friendly single, Saigon assures fans that his newest album, which features contributions from famed superproducer Just Blaze (who has worked with the likes of Jay-Z, Mariah Carey, Busta Rhymes, Snoop Dogg, etc.), will deliver the same street-geared music that he has built his career around. With his song "Spit" recently featured in the newest edition of the award-winning Grand Theft Auto video game series and his creative range virtually limitless, both Saigon and Amalgam Digital are confident that "Warning Shots 2" will reinforce the innovation and sheer dedication displayed on his past projects.

Saigon - "Warning Shot 2" (Amalgam Digital)
01. Nothing Comes Easy
02. That's Not What's Up Feat. G.Soul
03. Fatherhood (Rayne Dior) feat Lokz
04. All Around The World Feat G.Soul
05. For Some P*ssy Part 1 feat O.J. Da Juiceman
06. Cookies & Milk Introducing Young Boombaya & A.P.
07. Be On Time
08. G Optified (Tommy Tee's Theme Sampler)
09. F*ck Me, F*ck You Feat Quan And Ransom
10. Rusty Gunz feat. Lil Fame from M.O.P.
11. Aye Aye Aye N*gga
12. Who Can Get Busy feat Grand Puba
13. Copping Pleas
14. For Some P*ssy Part 2
15. Saiiiiii Outro
16. Gotta Believe It

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