Monday, July 27, 2009

Urban/Pop Act ZOLO Signs With Attack/EMI For The States & Universal For Europe

Attack Media Group is pleased to announce the new release by pop/urban act ZOLO, a universal single which is breaking down barriers worldwide, entitled “Computer Freak“. ZOLO’s arrangements of songs are hip, clever and mind blowing, may be best described as "Kid Cudi meets Lady Gaga." ZOLO’s music proves that “good” music of any kind can be modernized without taking away from its traditional value.

ZOLO produces his songs as if he were “eagle“ soaring to new heights with every song. He says, "I wanted the music to have a fun, modern edge. The songs are cool but not too hot, they‘re just right."

“ZOLO” better known as Dolla Bill from Doughla City was born in London, England, and at the tender age of six, moved to Brooklyn, NYC. His mid-teen years saw him relocate to Toronto, Canada. The split of his parents played a big impact on his life during the “hard years”. ZOLO, then poured his energy into sports, he found a love for soccer and had many accomplishments and received multiple scholarships.

But there was still a void in his life and he ventured into writing poems and songs at the age of 17. Shortly thereafter he joined the group “Doughla City” in 2006. This was the birth of the artist “Dolla Bill”. The “Doughla City” Trio had a rapid success among their peers and even south of the boarder.

During this adventure the trio opened up for multiple platinum selling artists: Julez Santana, Rick Ross and Guerilla Zoe just to name a few. As the groups success hit its peak; they hit a stumbling block and each member decided to go there separate ways. Just when things couldn’t get any worse, ZOLO had to come to terms with the passing of his father. During this difficult time, he turned to music as a tool to express his sorrow and grief. It is this life altering tragedy that sprung the manifestation of “ZOLO”, (ZOLO meaning: unrestrained behaviour, chaos and without companion). ZOLO took a strong interest in pop music culture, with influences from artists such as Justin Timberlake. MGMT, Lady Gaga, Kanye West and Kid Cudi and created a unique, fresh, cocky sound that is like no other.

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To Download a broadcast quality MP3 of “Computer Freak” (Radio Edit)

Computer Freak - 2009
Attack Media Group/EMI 


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