Friday, July 24, 2009

Lady Luck Does a Disappearing Act in New Book


Book Cover
Author - Michelle Larks

Bolingbrook, IL ( - Author Michelle Larks' seventh book, 'Til Debt Do Us Part, was released on June 30, 2009 by Urban Books.

'Til Debt Do Us Part details the rise and subsequent fall of the lead soprano of a Chicago church. Raised and nurtured in a stable upper middle classed family, the only daughter of professionals, life was easy for Nichole Singleton, with a voice like an angel, a job she adores, and a church she has called home since her teens. While Jeffrey, Nichole's loving husband, has control over the life they are living, Nichole still feels blessed...until her gambling "hobby" turns into a personal cross to bear that threatens to destroy her marriage.

Through her trials and tribulations, will Nichole remember to put her trust in God and reaffirm her faith in the Lord, or will she see her marriage and gambling habit as bigger than even the God she serves?

'Til Debt Do Us Part is a heartrending tale about a woman on the verge of losing everything that she holds near and dear. Secrets, lies, deceit and ultimately forgiveness of self and others are interspersed throughout the story. The book 'Til Debt Do Us Part culminates with a healing and cleansing of the soul.

"In typical fashion, Michelle Larks has composed a rich, multi-layered tale with compelling, three-dimensional characters whose inherent appeal is universal."
-- Raw Sistaz Book Club (5 Stars)

"This book will encourage you and help you understand that we are not along in our struggles and if we ask help will be there."
-- A Chicago Reader (5 Stars)

"This story deals with an addiction that is brought on by a woman not facing what is truly bothering her. Another recommend read by author Michelle Larks."
-- ARC Book Club Inc. (5 stars)

About the Author:
A former student of the University of Illinois, Chicago Campus, Larks resides in the Chicago land area, She is married and the mother of two daughters. She has written A Myriad of EmotionsCrisis ModeMirrored ImagesWho's Your DaddyKeeping Misery Company and The Legacies. Michelle has just finished a manuscript titled Faith due to be released in May 2010. Please visit Michelle on the web at:

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