Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Singer/Songwriter Darnell Levine Heads On SESAC Sponsored Tour


The SESAC sponsored tour will bring high energy and excitement to packed out venues while etching another notch on Levine’s touring and performing ‘belt’

Nashville, TN —Imagine a unique hybrid of a young Al Jarreau, mixed with the swag of Ryan Leslie, live shows packed with the intensity of Janelle Monae, and the engaging body instrumentation similar to Bobby McFerrin (“Don’t Worry, Be Happy”). The unapologetically talented Darnell Levine is a culmination of quality music that makes one long for more; with a blend of R&B, soul, and a hint of jazz. Along with his 6-piece band, Levine is hitting the road to share his energy and musical genius with the world as he announces The Tour. Sponsored by SESAC, the 12-city U.S. tour will begin in Baltimore, MD on April 22 and end back in Nashville, TN on May 31.

As an emerging artist Levine delivers a musical escape as listeners are engaged in his honest vocal delivery, strong sense of melody, and lyrical balance. Levine’s music speaks for itself and evokes a variety of emotions which are rarely all found in one place. His live show is indeed ‘all the way live’ as he has fans on their feet, rocking in their chair, and head bobbing. “I wanted to create a show where people would be into the music like no one was watching.”

The Louisville, KY native and Music City based singer, songwriter, and producer has been been absorbed in music since a young age, later adding trained percussionist and self-taught pianist to his repertoire. Like many soulful singers, Levine began in church and school choirs but credits most of his musical “schooling” from listening to the Bee Gees, Ray Charles, The Carpenters, Earth, Wind, & Fire, Sam Cooke, and Luther Vandross during long family trips.

During The Tour, Levine will feature songs from his 2006 debut album We Gon’ Use What We Got along with his 2007 and 2008 EP releases, Press Record: Live EPone and Journal Entries. Darnell will also gauge the audience on some of his newest tracks including latest singles, “So Nice to Be Loved” and “Monique”. “It is important to me that the fans love the music. Sometimes I work alone, right now I want to work with my fans to create the magic. If they like it live, they will probably like it in their stereos too.

Darnell is also a forward thinking artist, starting a simple hashtag trend on twitter, #IAMMUSIC, that has evolved to much more. Called “A Lifetime Trend”, #IAMMUSIC is a platform for artists and fans to support good music virally and inspire a lifestyle that becomes the music, the inspiration, the art. Levine has also created a new artist release system known as the Single Release Format. Using this format, he will release a new single from his latest unreleased album every several months throughout 2010 & 2011. “I feel like each song needs it’s just due both virally and physically, and fans don’t have to be so pressured to listen to me all at once. I’m a slow burn." He’ll be releasing premier free downloadable mixtapes and tour consistently throughout the next two years to cultivate his strong and steady following both nationally and internationally.

The Tour will add an additional stamp to Levine’s extensive musical passport. With a new single, “So Nice To Be Loved”, the #IAMMUSIC platform, and a U.S. Spring Tour, Darnell Levine is positioning himself to be the ‘Artist to Watch’ in 2010.

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