Thursday, November 20, 2008

NEWSFLASH!!!!! Racism NEVER left!!!!

20 November 2008

So for years I’ve been reading in the newspapers and watching on TV and reading on the internet how race relations are great and it’s not as bad as it used to be. I have strongly disagreed every time I would see such a report knowing that I am a dark-skinned black man living in the New York City area, knowing that I am being judged solely on the color of my skin. Knowing that police officers routinely stop me in my vehicle based on how I look and not because I’ve committed any crime or traffic violation. I know that there are racist people preventing me from gaining things based on their own insecurities and prejudices.

I laugh when my white friends and acquaintances swear up and down that racism is barely existence nowadays (Though I am not accusing them of racism at all) because they are comfortable hanging with Blacks and other ‘minorities’. I even chuckle when they feel comfortable laughing at my peoples use of the N word that we, not I, but we, are comfortable saying in front of them and in videos and on record and on film (That’s another subject that I will write about in length some other time!). But, in case most of you think otherwise, racism is alive and well and kicking! It never left, it is still lingering and it is making a more blatant comeback right in front of our very eyes!

Want proof? It was reported yesterday that since Barack Obama has been elected, there has been a spike in hate crimes throughout the nation! And we have to remember that there are many crimes that are underreported in the mainstream media. Blacks have been labeled savages since I can remember and references are always made towards our Hip Hop videos and black on black crimes, yet, according to all the media reports, all of these hate crimes are being committed by whites against Blacks and other minorities. There have been reported death threats against Obama for almost 2 years now since he announced he was running for President of The United States. I am 100% sure that there are groups out there plotting right now to try to eliminate the nation’s first Black President-Elect.

We must keep our eyes open and realize that much hasn’t changed when it comes to racism, it’s just disguised better. But as we approach the inauguration of President Barack Obama, I truly believe we will see an even higher rise in hate crimes committed by angry white, racists. I can hear them now, ‘How dare they let this nigger be leader of this here country?’

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