Sunday, November 30, 2008

Another Black Eye

So, once again, a rich black man has to show his ass and give the racists another reason to continue to stereotype us. After a colossal win by the President-Elect, Barack Obama, we still have to contend with the dumb exploits of New York Giant football player, Plaxico Burgess. This even after winning a Super Bowl earlier this year and being rewarded with a rich contract that many people would kill for, yet, even though he is injured, he still feels he has to ‘thug it out’ at a New York City nightclub this past week!

You would think that after all the bullshit fellow NFL player ‘Pacman’ Jones has gone through in the previous year and the Michael Vick situation, people would be more cautious about the ignorance that still possesses their lives. What needs to start happening is that when these idiots decide to act out in public, they should be reprimanded as harshly as you or I would if we committed the same acts, but without the high priced attorneys stepping in to save their dumb asses!

I still don’t understand why rappers, actors, entertainers and sport players feel that they have to prove their ignorance while in the streets. They create their own imaginary image and feel that they have to live up to ‘being real’ for the sake of the ignorant people that they either admire or want to be cool with, yet, avoid making money because they can’t get endorsements and wonder why people only see them as talented people and nothing else. We all know they crave respect, admiration and acceptance but why is it that it has to be done on an ignorant level? Yet, I can’t get in the ‘cool club’ because I don’t have the status of these ignorant people, yet they are the ones keeping up the stereotype, ESPECIALLY in the New York City area. Thanks Plaxico Burgess for giving these club owners more reason to prevent me and my other law-abiding friends the opportunity to hang out and have a good time based on your ignorance and their perception of ALL Black people. They look at us and say, the niggas get rich and still act like niggas. Thanks to all the dumb ass rappers and entertainers that feel that they have to be ignorant to get respect in the same streets that will test them more than any other group out there. Thanks for re-enforcing my thoughts on going to these ‘high profile’ events and staying home and being safe and not having to worry about being shot or left out in the cold because I am not one of the ‘cool kids’.

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