Tuesday, November 18, 2008

5 Questions With..... Boxie

November 2008

Recording Artist
Polo Grounds
New York

1) I’ve always said there’s a difference between R & B and Soul, could you tell us your interpretation of both?

I always felt the difference comes with the feeling behind the song- R&B has a specific twist to it that makes you wanna move and what not, but soul, in my book is the ultimate form of song- no restrictions no boundaries no slick metaphors, just pure passion and heart. That's where I see the difference. Soul is timeless and R&B is very changeable.

2) You have an interesting story where you say you grew up in the streets AND the church. How were you able to do both and what effect did that have on your talent and vision?

Well I was able to do both because I had no choice...I had a mother who prayed and a strict dad from the south, so we had to go to church or we had to grab the ping pong paddle dad used to keep in the dresser to tear our butts up!!! And then being in the hood anyway, it wasn't like we could just leave- my dad works hard just to say he's broke so it was about being able to do both because I had to do both. That's where I was.

But it actually gave my songs love and respect, seeing how at the time that's the only place I could free myself -behind the sounds of my soul and the words from my heart

3) What can we expect from you that would make us listen to your songs and eventually buy your album?

The biggest thing you can ever expect from me is a strong visual…I'm such a handsome, funny and talented guy that you have no choice but to love me!!! LMAO!! But no seriously, the character I display is somewhat like a movie character- I'm always someone to watch and wait to see what I do next. My songs carry a sense of freedom and realness that I think everyone can relate to...

4) Now being on the Polo Grounds roster and getting your start with Murder Inc., it’s safe to say that you have reputable people backing and believing in you, does that put more pressure on you to succeed?

Truthfully it does. It’s one thing to have you and your family to take care of but it’s another thing to have people who are into you and pushing you, and everyday you fight not to lose their interest. Some people don't care, but I do- that's just me. I have to get it done. I'm always in a situation where I have to prove myself, so yeah it’s a whole lot of pressure honestly speaking.

5) Does the current condition in the industry (sales are going down yearly, the quality of music isn’t the same anymore, etc.) scare you as far as trying to sell music?

Hell yeah!! LOL!! Scares me everyday because I didn't get a deal off of the type of music that's winning now, so its like I'm just praying and hoping the lovers of my music are still out there…The world is changing and so is our music- we’re not listening to the temptations no more- they were then, T-Pain is now, and Boxie is the future. But that's just my personal thoughts…

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