Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Multi-Platinum Producer Dame Grease Joins 101 Distribution As A&R of Music Development

Multi-Platinum Producer has a new position in the Music Industry, he has secured an A&R position with the 101 Distribution Label to spearhead their A&R Division. Dame Grease will have the signing power to sign indie projects directly to his 12th year Vacant Lot Brand, Vacant Lot Records, the #1 Indie Record Label in the Country. Grease ears are to the streets so therefore when he heard the hype surrounding NORE's new single "Nutcracker" he jumped on the opportunity to sign Nore's new smash radio hit to the label. Already exploding on the radio waves, the single will be supported by digital distribution on itunes,amazon and every digital store on the planet. Physical copies will also be available .

Grease is multi-tasking, currently he's working on a 2Pac collaboration ,hint Max B Notorous Big. Aside from signing new indie projects, a slew of mixtape classics will be released through the new venture. These mixtapes are classics ,mixed,mastered and no DJ ,thru the imprint. Dame Grease says " I Have returned back 2 the underground for some years now,to watch the next up and coming hit makers to come to the light,this will be a great oppertunity for them"

If That's not enough previously Corporate Grease Signed Max B To a 3 album Deal With Amalgram Digital and will be releasing Max B's 1st solo album worldwide. "Vigilante Season" Coming This September. In addition to the numerous releases Dame Grease' "Martial Law" will be released this October through 101 Distribution.

About Dame Grease
After first establishing himself with The LOX’s “We’ll Always Love Big Poppa” and DMX’s breakout single “Get At Me Dog,” Dame Grease has gone on to sell over 30 million records and produce for a veritable who’s who of Hip Hop. In addition to developing his own production sound, Grease’s focus on being involved in artist development has allowed him to have a hand in launching the careers of artists and producers, such as Swizz Beatz, DMX and the LOX, who have gone on to their own multi-platinum success.

Before becoming a staple on every mixtape, The LOX relied on the sounds of Grease in order to acquire the street buzz that landed them their deal on Bad Boy Records in 1996. Fellow Bad Boy Mase sought out Grease’s distinctive sound and gave him the opportunity to provide production on Mase’s triple platinum Harlem World. This led to Grease’s work as the primary producer on DMX’s classic debut It’s Dark and Hell Is Hot, where Grease helped the Ruff Ryders mold both their image and their sound into what would become one of the most well-known hip hop crews. During this time, Grease taught and paved the way for Swizz Beatz, another sample-free producer, to make his mark on the game.

As Swizz went began to make his mark through the teaching of his mentor, Dame Grease landed a deal with Priority Records to release music through his label, Vacant Lot. Rather than accept offers to be one of Puff Daddy’s legendary Hit Men or an in-house producer on Ruff Ryders, Grease chose to create his own Vacant Lot production company. In 2001, Dame Grease made the accession from producer to composer by providing the score for the Steven Seagal/DMX blockbuster Exit Wounds.

In addition to his work on the film, Dame Grease also reunited with DMX on the soundtrack for X’s top-ten hit "Ain’t No Sunshine", an updated, yet much darker remake to the Bill Withers 1972 classic of the same name. Grease continued his work as a composer in on the 2003 box-office hit Cradle 2 the Grave, starring Jet Li, DMX, Gabrielle Union, and Anthony Anderson, as well as 2004’s Never Die Alone.

Grease may have been focused on scoring films, but he also made time in his schedule to put in work on several music projects throughout 2004 and 2005, including albums from LL Cool J, Kelis, DJ Kay Slay, DJ Envy, Slick Rick, Ol’ Dirty Bastard, and an artist on Dr. Dre’s Aftermath label named Aimee Terrin. Grease also kept the underground bubbling with “Crown Me,” a collaboration between T.I., Cam’ron, & Juelz Santana. In 2006, Dame Grease lent his hand to “Life Be My Song,” one of the most acclaimed tracks on DMX’s comeback album Year of the Dog…Again. '

About 101 Distribution
Despite the vast possibilities made available to consumers by the new digital landscape of the Internet, most traditional corporate paradigms remain when it comes to making money from selling music. 101 Distribution, LLC (also referred to as "the Company") is an established Phoenix, Arizona-based independent music distributor and online platform. The Company operates as the first and only conventional distributor to offer musicians and filmmakers a 100% payout of all net sales royalties.

Starting in 1998 as an artist consulting group, 101 Distribution, through its site www.101d.com, has grown into a full-service solution, now used to manage the digital, mobile, retail, and mail order sales for more than 2,000 actively selling titles. Its innovative platform, where artists simply pay a flat fee to centralize and manage all aspects of their digital and physical sales, is aimed to become a primary alternative to the imploding old-world system. Wtih the pro option, artists receive 100% of all retail, mail order, download, mobile and merchandise sales. The Company estimates that within the first 90 days of signing with 101 Distribution, 60% of all artists see a complete return of their investment.

101 Distribution is a blueprint for artists navigating a declining economy and fragmented marketplace. The Company's catalog of independent music and movie releases can be found in more than 5,500 brick-and-mortar retail stores, digital download services, and mobile networks across the U.S. and Canada, as well as in the UK, Germany, Japan, France, Australia, South Africa, Holland, and Armenia. 101 Distribution leverages its proprietary mobile platform to make selling and promoting ringtones, mobile downloads and video user friendly. The Company's all-encompassing artist services help to bolster its reputation as the first place serious musicians come to sell music. 101 Distribution is the only independently owned full-service music and video distributor in the nation and has maintained a perfect A+ rating with the BBB for the last four years.

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