Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Australian Rap Superstar 'Bangs ' Wants His Fans to Meet Him on Facebook!

Ever since 19 year old Sudanese rapper, Bangs burst into the viral sphere and captivated the over 3 million You Tube viewers that logged on to experience his infectious hit "Take U to Da Movies" the international star has been catapulting. After only 4 days online the latest video "Meet Me On Facebook." has already garnered over 360,000 views. The latest offering from his soon to be released debut album, "I'm Still Moving" has him getting up close and personal with his fans as he invites them all to come meet him on Facebook.

Bangs is celebrating his fans with a special single release party where he will be performing live from Australia, which will be streamed live on his Facebook page for all of his fans to enjoy and socialize. The online party will take place August 28th. Select fans will be invited to chat live with Bangs after his performance and exclusive contest giveaways will take place during the live online party. As a precursor to the single release party fans can check out more of Bangs' music which will be featured on VH1's The Short List set to air August 20th.

Bangs' firestorm of popularity is attributed to his unique and lively delivery as he shares his life through his music. Signing a deal earlier this year with HSM Entertainment and featured in a Honda Jazz commercial, Bangs has taken the virtual world by storm with his international brand of hip-hop. Having weathered the storm of a distressed life journey which took him from his native Sudan, to Egypt, and then to his current residence in Australia, Bangs is unapologetically loving living his life as a rap superstar and wants to invite all of his friends to meet him on Facebook and join the party.
"I want to thank everyone who has supported me and to let each and every person know that if you believe in yourself you can do anything don't listen to other people believe in yourself"

"Meet Me On Facebook" is available on I tunes, Amazon, Telefonica, Rhapsody and all of your local retailers.

For more information on Bangs and the special "Meet Me On Facebook" party visit Bangs' Facebook Page or www.HSMENT.com

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