Monday, November 16, 2009


One of the most misunderstood rappers in Hip-Hop is 40 Glocc.  Forced to raise himself as a teenager, the passionate rapper made a way out of no way.  He formed a unity amongst like kind individuals and formed an unconditional love with music. On a continuous road to shed light on his west coast story; “Concrete Jungle” will allow listeners the opportunity to trace the blueprint of the Zoo Life crew including Gail Gotti, Village Boo, Lil Boo, Tip Toe, Ken Bib, Locie Loc and Yacc all lead by 40 Glocc


“Concrete Jungle” will give verbal details of the unapologetic struggles faced within the Zoo Life.  The album will spotlight the highs and lows of general population lifestyle, the smoke and mirrors witnessed daily from blogs to broadcast and the complicated order of the music industry.  Strongly supported by the G-Unit Family and music mogul himself 50 Cent, the saga continues to bridge the East Coast to West Coast gap as a unified movement amongst a chosen few. It’s been a year of top shelf controversy however, on Dec. 8, 2009, 40 Glocc will give with his own testimonial “Concrete Jungle.” 

Concrete Jungle Track Listing

1. Intro

2. Criminal Ft 40 Glocc, Lil Boo, Tek

3. Spin The Globe Ft 40 Glocc

4. Welcome To The Ghetto Ft 40 Glocc, Tri Star, Village Boo

5. Another Angel Dies Ft 40 Glocc, Raskass

6. Walk In My Shoes Ft 40 Glocc, Yacc, Tip Toe

7. Haters & Bitches Ft Zoo Babiez, Lil Boo, Locie Loc

8. Hell On Earth Ft 40 Glocc, Lil Toot

9. Grindin Ft 40 Glocc, Tip Toe, Notes

10.100 FT 40 Glocc, Tip Toe, E-Note, Michlobe

11. Bouncing In The Bed Ft 40 Glocc, Village Boo, Ken Bib, Locie Loc

12. Skit Ft 40 Glocc, Raskass, Csik

13. Narcotics Ft 40 Glocc, Gail Gotti

14. Local Boy Ft 40 Glocc, Sun

15. Skit Ft Unforgivable

16. 3 Amigos Ft 40 Glocc

17. Couple Geez Ft 40 Glocc, Lil Boo, Brook

18. Smoke Drank Ft 40 Glocc, Zoobabiez

19. Hundred Grand Ft 40 Glocc, Yacc

20. Safari Ft 40 Glocc, Village Boo

21. Concrete Jungle Ft 40 Glocc, Tip Toe, Village Boo

22. Shot The Fuck Up, Up Ft 40 Glocc, Prodigy, Locie Loc, Yacc, Ken Bib, Natural Born, Village Boo

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