Tuesday, February 24, 2009

A New Book of Encouragement Brings Hope and Healing to African-American Men

Encouragement and Hope In A New Book Geared for African-American Men
Whether you're a brother looking for a way out of toxic life circumstances, a man on a mission to serve and inspire others or you're simply in need of a little motivation to help you step up your game, "The Black Man's Little Book of Encouragement" will inspire you to keep rising and shining.

Pick up your copy today or read an excerpt at: www.blackmansbookofencouragement.com.

The Black Man's Book of Encouragement Is Here...    
In this powerful little book, author and life coach, Cassandra Mack shatters the myth that men and women are from different worlds, as she guides black men through a process of help, hope and healing.

From poignant accounts of black men struggling with the everyday issues that impact their lives to the universal experiences that connect us all, Cassandra speaks masterfully to the spirit of black men inspiring and challenging them to rise and shine as men, leaders, fathers and partners. "The Black Man's Little Book of Encouragement" offers practical tools for rising, surviving and thriving as a black man in America. For as long as it takes, in this book Cassandra Mack will be your guide on an interactive journey that leads you to delve deeper into the issues that are creating roadblocks in your life and evaluate what you can do each day to live more powerfully, purposefully and prosperously.

Addressing such issues like; restoring yourself to greatness, laying the blueprint for success, staying up during the down times, letting go of the things that have you bound, responsible fatherhood, your intimate relationships with women and encouragement for brothers who are incarcerated, "The Black Man's Little Book of Encouragement" will affirm your power, purpose and potency while showing you exactly what to do to get from where you are now to where you want to be.

***About The Author***
A highly sought after speaker, author and workshop facilitator, Cassandra Mack, MSW blends the clinical with the practical in order to make the information relevant. She is the founder and CEO of Strategies for Empowered Living Inc., a company dedicated to helping others achieve higher levels of success and personal fulfillment through training workshops, consultation services, motivational keynotes and products that inspire.

Pick up your copy today at: www.blackmansbookofencouragement.com.

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