Monday, December 01, 2008

How Come Rappers Don’t Have Dramatic Comebacks?

With the recent resurgence (Once Again!) of Britney Spears, I noticed that with all the shenanigans and scandals and hysteria surrounding Britney, she has managed to again make a successful comeback or at least capture the attention of Mainstream America. It got me to thinking that this is like, her third comeback and is it really fair that rappers don’t have the same opportunities?

Let’s think about it. Not taking anything away from Britney Spears but when was the last time a rapper was allowed to get away with a third of the shit Britney has gotten away with and then get accepted back like she was always sane? She has been through 2 marriages, 2 divorces, 2 pregnancies, that alone would eliminate any and all rappers from getting the chance to get back in the spotlight, unless, of course, it was an arrest or drug-related incident. Can you really imagine Mainstream America allowing a Foxy Brown or a Lil Kim getting away with that?

And she has shown a little craziness with the shaving of the hair, going completely bald, smashing cars with umbrellas and hitting paparazzi with vehicles, yet, she has never spent a day in jail. She was sent to the loony bin, have had control of her finances taken from her, kids taken away and yet, she will no doubt have a number one album again! She is allowed to get away with all this shit, yet we vilify DMX when he goes on one of his many rants and speed chases. Why can’t the Hip-Hop community welcome a DMX with open arms the way Mainstream America is willing to accept crazy ass Britney back?

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Eb the Celeb said...

I cant wait to see how they melt if/when Amy Winehouse ever gets it together.