Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Are Akon and T-Pain smoking dope?

OK, I am hearing T-Pain bitch about everyone using the Auto-Tune (Used mostly by people who have no real vocal skills) and not crediting him with starting a trend his ugly ass ain’t even start! And now, Akon is saying because of him and T-Pain, rappers are starting to sing in their songs now. Why is it that these young ignant artists nowadays don’t know their history? Don’t they realize that groups like the Force MC’s (Later changing their name to Force MD’s BECAUSE of their ability to sing!), the Crash Crew, the Treacherous Three were singing melodies before they were even born?!?!??! This is a shame that these artists take credit for shit they use to mask their inability to carry a tune! If you a rapper, RAP, if you’re a singer, SING!


Anonymous said...

You are very right. Cher popularized Auto-Tune in the 90's, anyway.

Allin Bond said...

I mean they both sound the same...and at the end of the day its music...

Kanye West reluctantly gave full credit to T-Pain on Late night a couple weeks ago.

ILUVBlackWomen said...

WORD UP wait that was a magazine lol seriously Big Ced most of them need a refresher course in Rap History but isnt this up to people like you and me i am in radio in NYC to talk about this? Therefore i wholly invite you and me to develop a Rap History Show maybe to be played during New Years???

Anyways i totally agree and second this post!

Anonymous said...

Don't forget Roger Troutman! I'm not sure if he was the first, but he was the first I heard using the voice-box...a la Computer Love & I Wanna Be Your Man. Check out:

T-Pain started nothing...just reawakened a previous trend.

Peace & Love,
RM Gray

KatrinaME said...

Truthfully, I appreciate that rappers are experimenting with different techniques, new or old. I espeically appreciate Kanye's sense of adventure regarding this.

As far as T-Pain and Akon are concerned, I agree with you: They didn't start it. And while I'm sure they know it, a reminder never hurt anyone.