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Single Black Mom - Myth of Broken Home


Bookcover and author - April Gabrielle

San Diego, CA ( -- With the recent release of her new book The Myth of the Broken Home, author April Gabrielle dispels America's opinion of the broken home! It is a guidebook for single parents, especially those from disadvantaged backgrounds. Single parents will enjoy the candid, positive and experiential instruction as it influences them toward reaching their goals of successful parenting without buying into the stereotypes of single parenthood.

The Myth of the Broken Home will provide answers to those who are raising children against all odds, those involved in the daily grind of life refusing to forsake their children. Many single parents are raising children without the physical, financial or emotional support and The Myth of the Broken Home will help them build confidence and inner strength as they encounter the various stages of development.

"The behaviors of our children reflect our quality of parenting. Don't allow your children to be labeled as products of a broken home," Gabrielle says.

The Myth of the Broken Home is the answer to Bill Cosby's frustration expressed while addressing the audience at the NAACP's Gala to commemorate the 50th Anniversary of Brown v. Board of Education in Washington D.C. in 2004 with concerns about single parents in the black community. This book is the solution to responsible parenting, not only in the black community but also in all communities around America. Although there are many obstacles that African-Americans face, and ever so compellingly as single parents, those obstacles are not excuses not to parent our children. This book makes available the answers from someone who has lived the experiences and rose above the obstacles.

Enjoy the following topics and much, much more:

Dating & the Single Parent - No You Can't Bring em Home

Cherishing your Children

Whuppin's & Spankin's

Teens & Tweens

How a Single Woman Raises a Gentleman

Teaching Cultural Sensitivity

Stop Depending on the Schools to Educate Your Child

Is it Really Over with the Ex

Child Support - Don't Take it Personal


Dreams Deferred

Out of the Violence

Celebrating You!

Instilling Pride & Self Esteem

The author, April Gabrielle, is a San Diego native and a proud single mother of two - a son, 21, a Cellular Molecular Biology major, and a 13-year-old daughter who is an exceptional student as well. She holds a Bachelor in Business Administration, a Master of Arts in Human Behavior and completed coursework in Master of Education. April received training as a Court Appointed Special Advocate (CASA), has counseled single parents and teens, including those residing in juvenile residential detention facilities.

The Myth of the Broken Home is published by Put it on Paper Publishing, located in Chula Vista, California. For additional information, visit or

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