Thursday, April 13, 2006

Preferential Treatment or lack of, is prevalent as proven yesterday in Brooklyn NY

Last week there was a mini riot in Brooklyn initiated by Hasidic Jews and according to videotape and witnesses at the occurence, the police showed extreme restraint in arresting law breaking people. While they were protesting a traffic violation charge by the police officers, they took to the streets in protest, while setting fires and causing havoc, yet, there were only 3 arrests. I watched in amazement, at the news, which showed clips of the police officers basically watching them destroy property and act the fool and as i have stated previously, if that were to take place in a black, Latino or even Asian neighborhood, there would have been multiple arrests and maybe a few people shot by the police. But, in a Jewish neighborhood, that is unheard of.

As I am reading today's New York Daily News, I come across this article. Now, we have proof that the police force in New York City DOES give preferential treatment to the Jewish community. Now, these kids were NOT starting fires and running roughshod in the streets as the people from last week's riot were, yet, there were more arrests yesterday than there was in last week's incident.

I do hope the Police Commissioner and the Mayor is paying attention!

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